Who are we?
Chocolate is currently a PvE Guild, established today 08/10/15! We are a bunch of new people who wish to learn and enjoy Lucent Heart, and eventually get into End Game/Boss Hunting and GvG's. Currently there are two members, myself Vixeen and Bacch with a few alts - yes I have altitis, and its genuine! Aha

If your wanting to join feel free to pm either myself Vixeen or Bacch - when we are online of course! And we will get you an invite sent!

All levels and classes are welcome! I only ask that you follow a few rules!
  • Be as active as you can! - Both myself and Bacch work so we are not on all the time, Activity is not mandatory as we are a casual none hardcore guild.
  • Be friendly! - I aim to keep Chocolate drama free, so lets keep it that way!
  • Be mature - Our age group differs drastically, and not everyone is the same age. Try to keep cussing to a minimum when in Guild chat, Be aware that there may and will most likely be some younger players.
  • And lastly have fun! - Playing games, Yes not just Lucent Heart is meant to be fun, and a break from reality!

More information coming soon!