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Thread: Ys online : The call of Solum

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    Default Ys online : The call of Solum

    It was a perfect mmorpg with everything you could dream about. But suddenly it was closed in all regions and there is no private server as far as i know. Me and a lot of old players would like to play it so much. Thank you for reading my post.

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    Allow me to bump this. Ys Online was an MMO with an absolutely amazing soundtrack with absolutely amazing graphics. Nothing that deserves a 4K screen, but way, WAY more graphically appealing and advanced than over 50% of what Suba Games is currently hosting. Yet, if you have a weak computer, the settings can be adjusted to very low for smooth FPS even on a toaster.

    It has the best of all worlds in: soundtrack, visuals (some effects are absolutely dazzling, seriously) and gameplay (three races with multiple class forks per race, meaning great variety, with all classes being uniquely useful).

    It's good enough that not much else has to be done to it to make it marketable. The main 2 things that Suba may want to contact CJInternet and/or NetMarble for, however, is to ask them if they can implement WASD movement and some more high level quests, because otherwise the game is already perfect both in terms of PvE and PvP (rewarding guild wars during weekends, and PKers are free, except they may be punished for killing innocent others). And honestly, I mention these 2 only for the sake of marketing by taking into consideration the current mainstream MMOs today, because honestly, the game is so good you really don't need those.

    The game was a big hit and success for many years in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. There were also European and Chinese servers. I don't know much about the Chinese one, but in Europe the game closed because the publishing company, KeyToPlay, simply went out of business. Ys Online was very, very loved by the European community, and still is today. (I also know many Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, North American and South American players still DESPERATE to play it again. By this I mean: by making Ys Online Global, it's a GUARANTEED success.)

    Please consider it, for our own mutual interests: people's rejoice and your profit. It's a powerful game.

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    Well I don't call the shots here guys, but I get a strange feeling the chances of that happening are extremely low. Personally I've never played that game before but I'm sorry to hear you enjoyed so much and can't play it anymore :c

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    +1 For this game

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    I've play a lot of EU version back in the Time and would love to See the game come live again. During the current recess, where no mmo is successful anymore bringing back refreshed solid content would benefit mmo market, Just dont make it pay to win and you have a guaranteed success, as YS had this nice feeling to it and a few things that made it unique.

    Gosh i So miss these Times....

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    Default That's such a nice dream

    That's such a nice dream. I love it much.


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