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Thread: Drastic Spirit Skill better than Divine Shield?

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    Default Drastic Spirit Skill better than Divine Shield?

    Hi guys,

    Is Drastic Spirit skill better than Divine Shield?

    I know that Drastic Spirit is now Absorption 16% (and defence too or just abs??) at level 10.

    Is it possible to use Holy Body, Holy Valor and Drastic Spirit at same time?

    What should i put lvl 10 in tier 4&5 skills?
    Is Saint Blade still bugged?

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    It depends on how you want to play your knight. Unlike some other classes, knight has more rooms to play in different ways.

    I prefer to have more abs so I go with Drastic Spirit, but if you want more block, go with Divine Shield.

    By the way, Drastic Spirit gives 16 abs, not 16% abs.

    Yes, you can use Holy Body, Holy Valor, and Drastic Spirit all at the same time. You can cast Holy Valor anytime you want, but if you want to use Holy Body and Drastic Spirit together, you need to cast Holy Body before Drastic Spirit. Holy Body icon will disappear, but the skill is still active in the background. You just need to be careful of Holy Body timer runs out since Drastic Spirit has longer timer duration. I usually re-cast Holy Body and Drastic Spirit when Drastic Spirit timer is at xx:45 - 50.

    Skills are based on your preference. I like to hunt Valento/undeads so I go with Godly Shield and Holy Benedic.

    Yup, Saint Blade is bugged.

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    Many thanks m8

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