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Thread: subapoints and buying subapoints

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    Angry subapoints and buying subapoints

    hello, here i direct copy paste of a ticket i made. In it, i am trying to explain that i spend Euro's for suba-points using the ingame option to purchase them, only to find out that i can get 40% more if i bought them on this website.

    MrGreen82 2015-10-19 11:37:53 (UTC-4)
    hello, when buying suba points in the game divine souls, like i did on oktober 5th, i get a LOT less suba-points then what i get when buying on your website. I spend $43 and gained 32.500 suba points... your website offers for this money, 50,000 points... I feel misled and would really like to receive the points i should have gotten in the first place. here is a list of all transactions i have made in the game.
    • September 6th, $9
    • September 7th, $9
    • September 17th, $17,49
    • October 6th, $43
    • October 7th, $9 ..;

    9 dollar in game gives 6500 subapoints, while on your website this gives 10,000 points.

    17,50 dollar in game gives 13,000 subapoints, on your website it gives 20,000 points...

    43 dollar in game gives 32,500 subapoints, on your website 50,000;

    these transactions have cost me $87,50 and given me 65,000 subapoints.
    if i used the same amount of money to buy the points on this website, i would have gained 35,000 points more, so 100,000 subapoints
    If this wrongdoing can be solved (and perhaps also adjusted inside the game) i am willing to spend a lot more cause i am really enjoying this game.
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