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Thread: lost connection during ageing

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    Default lost connection during ageing

    i cant belive it just happend!

    i just lost my robe during ageing,
    it was a Archon Robe prs spec +10
    i was gonna make it +11 and then it happend.

    i got lost connection out of nowhere.

    i dont have a pic of it, i hope GMs could see in their system that its true.

    can i get it back?
    i spend a lot of money and time on it and it will mean the world for me.
    i dont care about the sheltoms, i just hope to get the robe back

    please help me, its the worst thing that can happen :/

    opend a ticket, i think its a lag. my wand lost that way too.
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    If you've already sent a ticket then you'll recover your item soon, you'll just wait for their reply, at the mean time If they haven't responded on your ticket, I suggest you don't login your account.

    Corrupted newtor is somehow bugged and been causing these DC's for the past few months.
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    Thumbs down Can NOT AGE, I GET DC after starting Age Process!!

    Ridiculous it's been happening for 2 days now, still no fix?

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    wait patiently xd

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    wait for what?

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    i also lost conection during ageing and when i log again my item was gone ,i read about that if u ageing u can lost item , but im not shure whether it disapear becouse of bug or just game unluck

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    year 2020 and that is still an issue.

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