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Thread: Looking for PRS that SOLO SoD

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    Default Looking for PRS that SOLO SoD

    Hi!~ Super old player coming back to the game. I need to catch up in Levels fast! I'm a level 83 Mech and last time I did SoD with a level 10x PRS in my clan I got 27% exp!~ I need more of this! Any high level PRS that can help I'll give u mana. Please msg me here or ingame. I'm usually on valento.

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    Welcome back matey.
    Not sure how long you have been away for as im back a few months after a 4 year break.

    Exp is Easy now. Bas EXP isx4 what it used to be. Since i came back 4 months ago, with the help of some clan parties and the new 100% cashshop exp pot and events like CC/Titans and x2/x4 events

    I got my KS 108-112 in 8 Days with x4 exp event 3 months ago (178,000M exp) SL is very high exp xD
    Also leeched my Prs 84-110 in under 2 months (204,000M exp)

    So if your want/can buy some pots, even for your level training in Iron1 / Iron 2 you can level up extremely fast. Obviously even faster if you get parties.
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    Since I posted this I have been leveling a lot. I'm level 88 now. I can see 9x on the horizon. I bought a 100% exp potion and I'm excited to use it this weekend
    but I might use it on my auto-mech instead. I'm really starting to love my auto mech again ^^.

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