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Thread: Lucent Heart Outstanding Bug list [active]

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    LH Updated to version 11.00.0100 , what was implemented on "...0100" ?
    Because my client downloaded some new stuffs.
    Just curious, if any GM could post it would be great. Thanks

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    Skill: Spiritual Sacrifice
    Class Galaxy Sage
    Up to lvl5 the skill follows the same pattern and work fine, regen ammount equals HP sacrificed+50% spellpower as you can see on image bellow

    At lvl6 (max lvl) it get the description of a different skill (CT skill), Rallying Cry, but still consuming HP, yet it only regen the amount of HP sacrificed, making it weaker than previous lvl since it loses the aditional 50% spellpower.
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    Most of translations of Hero pet's skills are TOTALLY wrong.

    *Barbarossa skills*

    PS: Vengeful Blade is a Knight skill.
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