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Thread: What should i do???

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    Question What should i do???

    Hey guys i need some help what do i do if i accidentally delete a pet, or if my pet just randomly disappears from my inventory?

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    Send a ticket under "Missing Items" and try to provide as much information as you can, GMs will then restore your pet.

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    For missing items / accidental deletions, it helps if you send the following information on your ticket:
    1. screenshot of system stating how item has been lost
    2. date & time the incident happened (give the closest approximate as possible if you don't know when it happened exactly).
    3. what you were doing when the incident happened
    If you need help regarding in-game features, please post on General Discussion.
    If you're having problems playing the game, please post on Help & Support.
    If you encountered a bug/broken feature, please post on Bug Reports.

    If your problem requires GM assistance, please send a Support Ticket.
    Please read THIS GUIDE about the use of Support Tickets.

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