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Thread: FalKen Clan - Bless Castle.

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    just seen this now.. and i was amazed... hehe i miss doing bless castle... all of that video, i dont see my self chatting.. hahahah

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    hahahahhaha SEXY BEDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you Are the Best BEde Lord GAy pike forever hahah

    gooooood Job MY LOrds .. Sorry i Was Busy at work next time We watch porn all xD
    Quote Originally Posted by TangLongPike View Post
    For fun!!! & To be Continous......

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    Need more bede joint BLess everyweek,
    I need more member on next video.
    Happy new year!!!!!!!!!
    ING: TangLong
    Char: 11X Pikeman


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    Happy new year! ALLLLLLLLLLLLL

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