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    Hi, recently installed this on my windows 10 machine. I have a peculiar issue. I start the game, login, and start to play. about 40 seconds later the game ctds with 2 errors. Communication closed, and a game guard error. "Module not found"

    any ideas?

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    I get this too, I don't know what the issue is..

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    Same, a reason why would be nice.

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    whenever i try to run the game client i get XKernel error:

    1) export file open (EN)
    2) package reopen: INVALID ARCHIVE NAME [NULL]
    3) failed to load: character state table
    4) can't start triplex aplications

    I don't know what that means or how can i get it fixed. is something i can do to play 9d on win10 ?

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    Windows 10 is not supported. There is no development support provided here any more.

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    so we cant play 9dragons......
    can u please resolve this problem.. do a patch client....

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    If u have Windows 10 and make this version run, try out the Redfox pub version, working 100% in windows 10 and getting nice updates.

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    Lol RedFox are idiots and ruining their server

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