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Thread: GS Class discussion

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    Yea GS has no defense, even leveling up elemental aegis won't change much. And you are welcome Bruna XD

    One problem I know, and this is true fact about Galaxy Sage class: Sometimes in the future of LH, there is going to be pets that give out 1000 points of stat boosts which makes Galaxy Sage as a buff class undesirable. The very own skills that galaxy sage has about PERC and INT buff +68 at max will be far to inferior to what the future of LH has in store for us. I assume the developers did not thought this through when they designed the game, they did not think ahead and they did not bother to change class.
    It is understandable that players have concern in nerfing invoke aura because of the high SPI stat boost advantage.
    Since this class was designed to be a damage dealing support buff & debuff class, the changes that must be made would be either be increasing damage output, give some form of defense buff or significantly increase the buff since the future pets gives 1000 point of stat boosts. Of course some other things might need nerfing could be speed or cast time delay etc depends on what is boosted up.

    This statement can also be included towards other buff classes and damage classes

    As of right now nothing wrong with class in PVE, but problem is in PVP lack of defense other than that the class is doing fine until the catastrophic pets come out that makes every class come close to completely becoming unbalanced and unequal.
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    Before buffing defenses of a class that has some serious CC. Let's wait for a patch to nerf everyones damage output and buff defenses in pvp first.

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    As for the shield debate, I personally don't think GS's should be able to upgrade the mages shields or have any of MFE's. MFE negates damage, GS looks as if it's a class that supposed to thrive on utility. Perhaps buff Life drain and make it 200% Spell power + 649. And hopefully a new unique skill in the future if they upgrade the level cap again. Such as gaining life back based on the percentage of damage done. Now that I think about it, I think it would make more sense if GS could have a skill to buff their magic avoidance. . /o/ This is just a wild shot though. \o\
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