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Thread: NS class discussion

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    Not kidding. A level 10 venge + another skill from a well equipped solar guardian deals around 400k-500k+ damage. Compared to a NS with the same level of equipment, we can only inflict around 170-200k even with the same venge level. And even if we were to deal the same damage output from that of a SG, venge skill is never from our skill set so it is not for our own advantage. On the other hand, warrior classes are meant to work mainly as tanks. As for the MFE, that huge fireball deals a significant amount of damage with a wide array of other skills. Their AoE is absurd in a way that up to 6 enemies melt after it has been casted at most 2-3 times while a similar ranked NS can only use Bulls Eye when the opponent comes in around 4m range that deals a third from that of the huge fireball. Additionally, the AoE we have only hits up to 4 targets at once which needs 3-5 hits for them to die. As for the rapid attacks, they're only around 30k-60k in intervals prior to the skills used. There is really no need to nerf our minimum range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiahInoue View Post
    She does have a point. What point is there to a gunner if Mages out range them. /o/ NS can't aoe particularly as* well so I think keeping their range is fine. Even if you do nerf the range, they are still going to shoot bullets like no other. The problem is the way this game works on the stats to skill ratio. It's horrid.

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