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Thread: SC class discussion

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    Default SC class discussion

    This thread will be for the class balancing discussion of the Sun Commissioner class.
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    I think the two healer classes are the most balanced ones, changing things might actually mess them up for no reason lol

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    ._. well I like this class is good how it is, I would change into it if I did not suck at healing people other than healing my self well, speaking of healing multi heal for the entire team would make it much smother heal the whole team aoe heal XD
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    I think SC is the most balanced class among them all.. there's only one thing that should be changed here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleftobismal View Post
    What if one of the most two useless skills in the game (That Hasn't received a update or a remake in JP) were improved on our server? :>?

    What If Sun Avenger reflected the damage (including spell damage) you received as magic damage? (You still take full damage)

    What If Dawn Crusader doubles your base damage you did on your spells instead? /o/

    Because I'm going to be honest. A skill that has a 75% chance to reflect your Attack Damage* is complete crap. (Fodder /o/)

    As well as a skill that doubles your Auto Attack damage when your a healer? Wut Lets start hunting +10 Two Handed Swords fellow Dawn Prophets and Sun Commissioners. /o/
    Seriously, how useless can this skill be. You keep SC from healing for nothing )o)
    Since Cleft hasn't been active in a while I doubt he'll see this thread, so I'll post his old suggestion for him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleftobismal View Post
    Sun Avenger

    Recommended Functions: Decreases overall damage taken by half (Before Critical and defense reduction calculations) and has a 75% chance to place a burn debuff of 80% of the Sun Commissioners spell power (Stacks up to 4 times at a 18 second duration, critical is not possible). And increase the delay from 120 seconds to 190.

    Explanation: This skill is a suicidal all or nothing skill for Sun Commisioner when forced into full combat mode.
    As it disables our buffs and heals, we cannot save ourselves (Or others) while under the buffs effects.
    Therefore providing a dmg reduction utility to help sustain our defenses will prevent us from dying too quickly before the full use of the skill is possible.

    It's the same reason why there should be a DOT damage debuff effect to the skill. We need a reason to use this skill
    in-regards to destroying our target. Because as it is now, there is no point to using it, rather it actually presents a negative impact.

    After all, physical attack damage is a stat that Sun Commisioner should NOT be dealing with. And even if we stacked all the attackpower we could, it does not critically strike.

    [*This skill will also give us an edge in aoeing mobs as well as keep our name in being defensive healers]

    Because of the utility of this skill however, I suggest the hate values on all attack skills be increased by 150% while Sun Avenger is in effect. Because I still do want to leave a weakness on it; Once the Sun Commissioner takes enough damage to be near death, they can just click off the buff icon and start healing. (The skill is already placed on a long delay once it's been used)

    The current skill duration is 90 seconds. Leave it as it is. As again, with enough health taken off, the Sun Commissioner can be pressured to take off the buff.
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    honestly, i don't think DP or SC need those skills and buying those skills is just a waste of money. We need to remember that DPs and SCs are healers and are not really meant to kill.

    If you want to give them a bit of a damage, just increase the damage that their skills give like divine fire etc... That will give them a boost to kill players in gvg.

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    I lurk here and there.


    SC isn't broken damage wise. (Just mana costing) I do question some skills like why Divine Judgement cannot crit, especially since it's a countdown. But sun Avenger is the most ??????????????????????. Can say the counterpart for DP's Dawn Crusader also has nothing to do with the class.

    @Spring LH

    Increasing divine fire to affect both healers is not needed. Divine fire is not even mean't to be a skill for DP's to use in later levels. (So says the level up system, which I question the point of leveling skills up except for more mana to burn and minuscule damage)

    Having a buff like that on sun commissioner is to bring out our defensive side when we are under attack. Not one shot everything. Being a nuisance when your targeted all the time is better than one hitting everybody on site.

    DP is for another thread.
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    I agree Sun avenger is pretty dam useless. The only times I've ever used it was in BF GVG to kill people who were freezing me but since divine bonds proc with freeze rays now, Sun avenger is essentially useless. Not to mention the skill scales off attack damage, which SCs dont have unless you randomly equip a sword.

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    I also think Divine Judgement should be able to crit. Even in todays PvP it sucks because water defense just rekts the base damage. Has completely no use besides being a skill to boost air damage. Which we don't even use. Makes me wonder what direction they tried to shift SC in.

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    ************* More SC ***************** Suggestions

    Increase the absorb rate of Aegis. 2420 at max doesn't do much in end game at all.

    Why does cleansing breath say "Removes Negative Physical Ailment" when all it ever removes is just bleed effects? Never any other physical ailments. Even MFE's cleanse skill is a looot more useful than ours.

    In terms of DPS. The only buffs I would recommend is, allow Divine judgement to crit. 10k damage after 21 seconds doesn't do that much against 370k hp mobs. (Dont get me started on bosses)

    And remove the Cooldown on the Eclipse 80 skill. The damage on eclipse isn't that great either. The numbers are too low for practical solo use than any of our other skills. Especially in this game where people veeery rarely party and juuuuust solo.

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    ********Update about fighting Soul Uses********
    Currently Divine fire, the useless sun avenger, and divine judgement does not consume Souls upon usage.

    I don't know whats sun avenger would be reworked into, but divine fire is fine as it is. Divine Judgement should be allowed to consume a soul as it is a countdown skill. Not something spam-able.

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