Hello everyone, after some mixed results with our double elimination tournament we are moving on to the next one, having learned some lessons today. We all got stressed out and emotions were flying around on both sides, so lets cool off and make the next one much better.

This tournament will take place on Sunday, January 17th 2016. Rules are as follows:

Team Captains are to sign up by replying to this post with their team captain's name and in-game id + the names of their team members.

This will be a SINGLE ELIMINATION tournament for the sake of keeping it simple. Once you lose, you're out. It will be best 2 out of 3 rounds though.

The rules will be defined closer to the tournament but here is what you need to know so far:

4vs4 teams.

You will be allowed to have 1 substitute player who will be able to change places with one of the team members, this is done in case someone has to leave or can't make it to the tournament.

1. There will be no grenades or mines allowed. No Gas or flash grenades of any kind.
2. You can only use the weapons that we outline in each round, using anything else will get you disqualified.
3. You have to be a minimum rank of 30 to participate, this is to weed out the trolls and low level hackers.
4. All weapons required that are gold or otherwise not accessible, will be sent out a few days before the tournament. You are responsible for buying your own silver weapons though.
5. Defense cards: Only lvl 1 are allowed!
6. No quick reload or other cards allowed. No ammo cards! No armbands with stats!
7. Dance cards: Only the default dance is allowed.

If you hack or plan on hacking, don't bother joining. You will get disqualified.


1st Place:
Permanent Ghost Breath AK or other AK of your choice.

2nd Place:
Permanent Compound Bow
1 year's worth of arrows(both kinds)

3rd Place:
Permanent Conqueror's Melee

The Rounds

Round 1: Crazy Mode

Don't use any weapons other than the ones that drop in the game, you will be warned if you use pistols, then your team will be disqualified if you ignore the warnings.

Round 2: Tdm

Weapon limits: Dragon's Breath Assault

Round 3: Snowball Round

Weapon limits: Snowballs only.

Round 4: Team Match

Autumn CS-LS5, Hand Of Power

Round 5: Rescue Mode

Tutankhamun's Pistols, Victorian Pistol

Round 6: Bomb Mode

Compound Bow, Hand of Power, Football m14 sniper. Both arrow types are allowed.