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Thread: Tier 5 with Mechanician

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    Default Tier 5 with Mechanician

    How should I max my skills so I can beat Hestian.
    Currently have
    Grand Smash 10
    Mechanic Mastery 10
    Metal Armor 7
    No points put into tier 4
    2 Skill points and 7 elite skill points left

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    A Ms can beat hestian easily bro, spend ur 2 SPs on MA. Tier 4, spend all EPs on completion. That's all.
    If u want to do it easier, use an enigma force + VL from prs.

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    Okay thank u <3

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    metal armor and physical absorption can stack together,, just use ma first... then completion.. before entering, ask someone to have vl u before fighting hestian

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