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Thread: Vigor Ball lvl 10 Vs Multi Spark lvl 10

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    Never ending story, VB vs MS.

    One thing to consider is that VB hit more slowly (no matter the damage) then so, if you want to drink pot in between two vb you might die while with MS you can pot more often.

    VB is ok if you have some health from stats or items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Era22 View Post
    so which kills faster?
    high hp mob or hestian..
    10 vigor ball or 10 multi spark no one really clarify which skill kills faster.. need video for that :
    Dude, IT shouldn't really be a brainer when you can try or figure it out yourself. VB deal higher damage per mana unit spent, but got longer animation, therefor as a 84 priest I go for VB. Though at 10x or 11x I'd go for MS because I'd most likely get bigger mana pool and higher mana regeneration - so I can kill slightly faster with opportunety to pot, but for the cost of higher mana consumption.

    Truth to say, now when I've done tier 5 rank up with my knight wich got at the time a little above 80 abs, I wouldn't be in a hurry to level VB or MS till I at least have that amount of abs. Don't really need 1vs1 skill unless you do rank up/quest or go maps beyond i1.

    Just my humble opinion

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    I had thought MS got nerfed I played ages ago and I was like "I am pretty sure this used to be more than 2-4 sparks at lv 10" Mind you it can still out damage vigorball I think if you get a 4 spart shot. My 58 prs mana regen is so high I can spam lv 4 dl and never run out of mp, stamina is more my issue. I don't have the 2 cash shop rings or necklaces either. I am very tempted though, the stats on those are no joke. I run 2 accounts, one acct is all female chars, while the other will be all the males I want to play (Pike, magician, knight.. rest don't really interest me), this way I can share costumes.

    When I lv a male char it'll most likely be a pikeman first.

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