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Thread: Any chance to host Secret of the Solstice

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    Please guys, bring this awesome game back! in its prime it had a really large userbase, and room for a lot more, until owning company let it fall appart!


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    Missing SoS like crazy! Please bring it back (:

    --- VampMelody ---

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    Having SoS back would make a lot of people happy...myself included. I think you guys would benefit a lot if you have it on the roster. Improve on a few things for the modern player: increased drop rates, lower level requirements, guild and 1v1 pvp modes and tada you'll have a hidden gem.

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    Secret of the Solstice was a very fun game that I would love to play again. I spent years and a lot of money on it in the past, and would probably do so again in the future. I've never been a part of a game with a tight-knit player base like this one. I'm still close with many of the people I played with, and I will probably be friends with them for my lifetime. You'd probably have many people here who would willingly serve as GMs as well who know the game like the back of their hand.

    -Agha / Zulfiqar

    PS. Please make it the original version of the game and not the reborn version unless there is no other option. We all loved the original version infinitely more.

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    Hi, we know you do not own any part of the OutSpark business, but it would do a great deal of difference for your business if you brought Secret of the Solstice to your website. It's a really interesting mmorpg game, that has a pretty large fan base which can be the equivalent of earning money to you.

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    Ayyy I hope you do consider bringing this game back to life... There is definitely not another game like this. A game that has kept my attention all the years I have played while meeting amazing people that to this day I still talk to. Im sure you will make many veteran players happy as well as bring newer players to be able to enjoy this game as much as we had..

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    Please bring back Secret of the Solstice! This was one of my absolute favorite games and I've been missing playing it so much!


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    Like all my mates, who I know very well thanks to this amazing game, I wish for the return of Secret of the Solstice! I've spent so many days and nights, and met so many great people I still consider as friends. Bring it back, it would be awesome and a great success for sure!


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    I would also like to see Secret of the Solstice return. I spent many hours and money in this game. Please consider bring it back.


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    Solstice helped bring me out of my shell and I made many wonderful friends. I'd love to see it come back and reacquaint myself with the community.


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