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Thread: Any chance to host Secret of the Solstice

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    Yes Please.. bring it back.. my very first mmo


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    Thumbs up Please bring back Secret of the Solstice

    I will surely play Secret of the Solstice. Please make that happens. Thank you so much in advance.


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    I support this 100%

    We have a gamer base of hundreds that have stuck together trying to revive this game for over 5 years.

    Please consider!

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    Secret of the solstice was my first mmorpg and the only mmorpg to keep me playing longer than a month! I still dream about this game! We all have years invested into this game even after it shut down! Bring it back!!

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    O.o Solstice. I miss it and all the folks that played it with me.

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    Oh my gosh! Please bring this wonderful game back if you can!

    I remember playing this game back when I was 8 years old, and I had so many adventures with GM rider and my friends. After leaving the first time, I missed it so much that I came back again when I was 10, 12, then 15. At 15, I was playing the Japanese version of the game because it was the only one left! Now I am 19, and I still go crazy over wanting to play this game even more.

    Thanks for listening!

    Old IGN: Secret (English)/ Seecret (Japan)

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    I would love if the game were to be brought back. I had a few different characters and loves to play with friends.

    Thanks for your time,


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    I've been a mmorpg gamer for many years now. But for me secret of Solstice is where it all started. I made great friends with the people I've played with over the years of the game. Who i still talk to to this day. We have a tight community of gamers that are ever so loyal and faithful to this game. We stayed together to play a bunch more mmo's since our beloved game was shut down. But we all agree on one thing. We would all play it once again if it were to be hosted. SubaGames, we would salute you if you to be able to bring it back! We hope our voices will not go unheard...


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    Please bring back SoS! This was such a close community of people many of which are still incredibly close even after a decade!!


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    Oh the Massive spawns of Crazy boss characters!!! I miss it

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