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Thread: Any chance to host Secret of the Solstice

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    Dont forget our unique aoeing sprees at edine damn those cola bear looking cuddly gangstery mother flippers,this game despite its Ragnarok online comparisons it was damn original,my 1st and only mmo of choice,spent buckets on this game lol

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    honestly though I wouldn't want it to be revived by suba. or anything else for that matter. It'll just be hyped up for like a month with a kick starter and then die out within another month....I don't even think mods or admins pay attention to the section anymore.

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    Out of all the games iv played online SoS has been, and probably will always be my favorite. It would be awesome if Subgames can bring SoS Back!

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    I too would like to see this game return. It is my favorite MMO of all time.

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    Default Bump bump bump

    Just here to bump this up again. A girl can keep wishing....right? Come on Suba.....get you a gold mine

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    Default Bring it back!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hesanda0FS0fS0K View Post
    There is a huge player base who played Secret of the Solstice/Solstice Reborn. 5 of Outspark's games came back which two you have Divine Souls and Lucient Heart. Luvinia online and Fiesta also came back. We miss it and love to see it come back. Please consider. As a player myself (Secret of the Solstice) would love to see it come back.
    This is the best game that ever existed in mmo history. I am willing to throw a lot of money if this game comes back. It was my childhood....

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    Default Such a CULT FOLLOWING!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by IceBaron View Post
    I too would like to see this game return. It is my favorite MMO of all time.
    Please someone, anyone out there bring this game back!!!. Please contact me if you need help to bring this game back in terms of monetary support.

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    Default Secret of Solstice client ? here's the client so maybe someone could host it with this
    Also the game is being sold on Amazon Japan 37

    For anyone good at making servers here's a link that may help out
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    Default Please Host This Game

    I know it's been a while since anyone has really posted about this game, but please host this Suba. This game was my entire childhood, and I personally know quite a few friends and family who would totally play again if they were able. This was an amazing game, and I know it can be great if a company not like OutSpark would take the reins. I would be even willing to donate to some kind of kickstarter if needed.

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    Exclamation Bring it Back, Willing to Spend Thousands..

    Willing to Spend thousands of dollars for in game items if this game is back.. I've been looking for an alternative to Secret of the solstice, the only thing that killed the Game was the Reborn. I want the Traditional SOS Back, i Played this game for Years when i was in highschool, Constant Activity. Met Amazing people and Friendships. This Game was Absolutely amazing. Ever sinces its Shut down.. Ive Missed this game beyond Belief. I Played this game almost everyday for 2 years Straight.. I just wish it was still here so i can still be playing it. I am Willing to spend Thousands to Revise this Game. Hell Give me the files. Ill Host it my self D: There is an Endless gold mine here that you Can Profit off of. Too Bad Outspark Didnt know how to Show there Players they care. Anyway. I Made this account just to Leave this Post. Thanks. Ill Keep Tabs on this thread..

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