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    so guys which is better to make lvl 10 1st? will they stack each other? will it work or not?

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    Ramiel > Krishna

    1/ Defense is bug => It means in the current situation, Krishna only add 10 abs at lvl 10
    2/ Ramiel will help u absorb HP against undead => Very useful in CC event or in LOC
    3/ With the buff of Ramiel, pris will be taller

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    more than 1year later, is it still bugged?
    thinking of Ramiel vs Krishna here n feeling lazy to test it out myself

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    I think ramiel is nerfed or bugged or both myself but i only have level 7 ramiel so i can't honestly test and say that level 10 is good or not. In ice mine ramiel doesn't seem to do any good for me and alot of times i don't use it anymore because i hardly see any difference, it is still slow for a priestess in ice mine anyway but ramiel doesn't seem to work good in there on undead absorbing hp, so is it me or am i missing something here. I don't think ramiel is working right or it doesn't work good beyond level 100 in higher maps. If i am wrong and someone else says it's a good working skill then tell me why i don't see it working good. I want to know believe me i want my priestess to excell in skills not the other way around. Don't flame i am not flaming my own skills i just want to know if someone else is having a good result with this skill.

    Thanks for reading.
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    thank you for ur reply GrandDutches. i think you feel that it doesnt work is because you are on the high level maps.

    Ramiel does work, and better than Krishna. when eventgirl comes ill test it throughoutly again.

    Krishna just looks so good on statistics, i had to try. Krishna5, Ramiel1.

    Krishna5 i get 364def and 5abs boost.

    with Ramiel1 i notice a noticeably difference against ChaosCara. saves alot of potion with it. way longer run.
    Krishna5 works too but jus very little tested on Iron2 hellspawn with over 25monsters hitting me(2mana bars of SI finished 50monsters quest).

    ended up only using Ramiel when seeing ChaosCara

    when eventgirl comes, ill change it to Ramiel 5 Krishna1 for the longer Ramiel timer.

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    Yeah in those higher maps ramiel doesn't work that great and getting hit brings down hp quick even with ramiel on and abs mean nothing there even with higher defense these monsters are hard for a priestess. Any decent skills are almost non existant there and other high maps. The only skill that works in those places is VL and that is my old favorite i use still often for me and others. But you will see when you get to higher maps what i mean. Cya mate.
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