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Thread: V10 Update + Change notes

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    Default V10 Update + Change notes

    (click pic for full size and find ur avatar~)

    It's finally here!!!!!
    [Scheduled Maintenance 26JAN2016]
    After what felt like a miracle that would never happen, V10 is finally here. Everyone has been working SUPER hard these past 2 months to get things rolling out for you guys, not to mention fixing up the prior issues that lingered. We've had some set backs, we've had new staff members, and GM's to boot, however somehow we made it.

    For those of you that hung around, we greatly appreciate it and hope you enjoy what's coming.
    For those that left, we highly understand, and hope that you do come back to visit and check out all the improvements.


    • New Story line

      • The war in Acadia is starting to escalate as both side are on edge. However as our hero's progress they begin to the learn the dark truth about many of the incidents in Acadia.
      • V10 continues the story line into the depths of Hades, and the Sky garden. Here the player will begin to remember where they came from and learn about the real issues with the wars going on. New quest line will introduce the characters to new and old gods, including Ares and Hera.

    • New maps

      • There will be 6+ Additional new maps for users to explore including a new hidden "Lover's Garden" for SM's.

    • New Dungeons

      • Hera's dungeon has been added to the story line, and will play a key role in the game, along with the addition of yellow schematics.

    • New world bosses

    • New Outfits

      • What's a version update without an update to fashion! /o/ New outfits ( both male and female ) have been added. Keep a look out for the Display Mannequins in Thereall to check out the latest in upcoming fashion!

    • New Systems

      • The Airship system is finally here! User's can now hitch a ride to multiple locations within Acadia for free! /o/
      • Dark Contract system for battle pets - with the war escalating, Cadena has sent out her avatar's (minions) to the many depths of Acadia, these avatars can strengthen nearby enemies making them stronger. Enemies that are affected by this will have pink/red runes hovering about them. Players that kill these monsters will be able to collect items that they can trade in for pets.

    • New Pets
      • With previous versions we've had Zodiac pets, Mythology Pets, Mythology EX (reinforced) pets, and standard pets for passives. V10 is happy to introduce the new Elemental Pet series~
      • V10 also introduces the latest in Tarot and Hero pets.
      • New Dark contract pets can be acquired now from the NPC in thereall. These pets can be obtained by exchanging items found from monsters in Acadia that have been affected by "Ira's Mirage" As skill that Cadena's avatars cast on monsters nearby their spawn points. Make sure to keep a look out for these! It's FREE pets people /o/

    FIXES IN V10

    Phantom warlock

    • First Foray (Phantom Warlock Quest) - Quest item (Duanze Stem)does not drop. [Fixed]
    • The Knight of Cards (Phantom Warlock Quest) Quest item (Proof of Knight)does not drop [Fixed]
    • [s]Transformation skills aren’t visible to other players.[s] [Fixed]

    Activity Map

    • Activity map is closed on all town maps: ! [Fixed]

    User's can now access the Activity map utilizing the Activity Map NPC located in any town of the game. GM event's will be held here for many occasions, as well as player events.


    • Ossus Dungeon - Portal opens after quest but doesn’t teleport the user inside. [Fixed]
    • Training Ground Quests/Dungeons (Quest/Trigger to open the dungeons is missing) [Fixed]

    Players can enter the training grounds. For those attempting to complete "Sea friends" on the Medusa quest line. Diary fragment (4) is now obtainable inside the training grounds at witch cliff. However if your lvl is above the requirements for obtaining the quests to enter, you can either enter with a lower lvl player or submit a ticket to have the item sent to you.

    Upcoming fixes

    Given the amount of reports for bugs in v8 and 9, this has greatly pushed back the testing for v10. Given the amount of time everyone has waited, the decision was made to correct all major bugs and have the remainder added in shortly after. This way users would still make full use of v10.

    Some outstanding issues that are being addressed and will be following in the next Patch update for v10 are:

    Goddess Garden

    • All quests refer to Variables ($I0137281 etc) instead of designated monster names and drops required for quests. [Revised Quest list is being provided shortly]

    Craft items

    Screenshots and tests have been filed and sent off to the developers. This will also include affecting drops from Schneider's Chest.

    • Lv 80 Ossus Jewelry - Grade is unaffected during craft, and always crafts normal even when using exceptional or regular craft fire.
    • Lv78 Schneider's Anklet - grade yes, created by no
    • Lv75 Default - needs to be checked
    • lv 79 purple shield introduced in v9.0 doesn't give magic defense at all. It should have 2619 points of magic defense at normal grade. [Submitted for review]
    • lv80 orange magic shield introduced in v9.0 only gives 2233 points of magic defense at normal grade. It should have 2712 points of magic defense at normal grade. [Submitted for review]
    • lv68 Empress' Short Sword has less attack than it should (273-334 at normal grade). [Submitted for review]

    Class Skills and descriptions

    • Solar guardian skill - Fissure lvl 4 to be re added.
    • CM skill Limb locker lvl 2 to be re added.
    • Various missing skill descriptions to be updated.

    Weapon bugs and item descriptions

    • Hero King Sword - Has been updated to Heroic King's Sword. All "Hero King*" items will be replaced with this naming convention.
      • Attack speed has been updated on Heroic King's Sword.

    • Various Weapon and skill descriptions are being updated.

    Class Balancing and GvG

    • Class balancing - We've gotten quite the feedback and will be going over the threads to prune out the items of interest that are most popular with the community. These will be posted in a bullet form list on the OP of each thread. Users are encouraged to discuss the fine details for, after which they will be submitted to Playcoo for editing.
    • GVG - GVG options are being looked and being discussed, we will follow up with our suggestive reasoning with the community in the form of a poll.
    • The above items will b e looked at once everything for 10 has been finalized and we have substantial feedback from players on any new issues.

    A special thanks to everyone for being patient, and a HUGE thanks to those providing feedback to help the game improve. If you do find any additional bugs, PLEASE report it in this thread

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    We are finally about to turn over a new leaf for LH \o/
    Great job everyone, see you all tomorrow *-*

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    That moment when Bri is using kidnapping gloves to get me, tch! >3>
    Yayz for all the new content we'll be getting \o/
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    What a nice surprise.

    Looking forward to it.

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    Sweet, any idea when the servers will be open again?

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    Woah nice surprise for the New Year! Thanks Suba!

    Something new worth checking out~ \o/ Hurray~
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    plz fix it on steam gm casper broke it and wont log back in to hear our cry's :c

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eclair1121ho35s View Post
    plz fix it on steam gm casper broke it and wont log back in to hear our cry's :c
    The issue is getting fixed ASAP! Please be patient and forgive them for the inconvenience :)
    Quote Originally Posted by GM Spooky
    Hey everyone! We're currently aware of the servers being down and working as early as possible to get this issue fixed. We apologize for the downtime.

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