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Thread: [Guide] Crafting v10 Equipment

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    Default [Guide] Crafting v10 Equipment

    Where to get Schematics for...

    Yellow Weapons, Yellow Shields > Drop from [Sky Dragon Thunder Zana] and [Armageddon] World Bosses
    Yellow Armors > Drop from [Hera] Boss
    Yellow Rings, Yellow Cape > Inside the [Treasure Chests] at the end of the [Hera's Temple] Dungeon
    Orange Weapons, Orange Shields, Orange Armors, Orange Accessories > Drop from [Hera] Boss
    Purple Weapons, Purple Shields, Purple Armors, Purple Accessories > Drop from Field Bosses in [Heroic Hill (Heroic Monument - Spirit Monument - Monument of a Unknown Soldier)], [Cloud Garden (Devotion Domain - Breeding Domain)] and [Abyssal House (Pain Abyss)]

    Where to get the Materials?

    Fantastic Cloth Roll > Drop (from Field Boss in [Heroic Hill (Heroic Monument (13.9%))]
    Fantastic Leather > Drop from Field Boss in [Heroic Hill (Spirit Monument (13.9%))]
    Dreamland Alloy > Drop from Field Boss in [Heroic Hill (Monument of a Unknown Soldier (13.9%))]
    Scarlet Crystal > Drop from Field Boss in [Abyssal House (Pain Abyss (2.3%))]
    God's Teachings (Cannot be Traded) > Drop from Field Bosses in [Cloud Garden (Devotion Domain (2.5%) - Breeding Domain (2.9%))]
    10th Element > Obtained by [Decomposing] the new Level 78+ equipment in the furnace
    Prophet's Materials > Drop from [Hera] Boss
    Heaven Metal, Beast Leather, Will of God, Eye of Demon > Inside [Loot of Other Dimension] obtained by finding the [Protection of Light] hidden inside pieces of furniture in [Room Invasion], accessible from Level 25+

    How to get the Unsealed God's Set?

    1) Craft the Sealed Pieces
    2) Drop 10 Moon Seals from World Bosses for each Piece
    3) Trade both for the Unsealed Pieces from the NPC [Hennessy] in Thereall

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    Great help, thank you Aleh !

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    Yay! Thanks so much for this! \o/ It's very helpful to me. I got very lost about what to do next. XD
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