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Thread: Lucent Heart Valentines day: Goddess Love Letter

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    Default Lucent Heart Valentines day: Goddess Love Letter

    Lucent Heart Valentines Day Contest: Goddess Love Letter

    Hello everyone!

    Given that Valentines day is only 11 days away, we at the mod squad decided to throw a romantic contest. But we're not writing love letters just for anybody, these are gonna be meant for the two goddesses of Lucent Heart, the Light Goddess Theia and the Dark Goddess Cadena.

    We'll be tallying which goddess receives the most love letters. Depending on which goddess wins, we'll be adding a different kind of event to the calendar near the end of the month.

    We'll also select our three favorite love letters, prizes for those winners are below!

    How to participate:

    Write a love letter to your favorite goddess. Feel free to make it as flowery, passionate, adoring and romantic as you please! Any self respecting Knight would never give it anything less to win the affection of their goddess!

    Note, please only address it either Theia or Cadena, we don't currently acknowledge other goddesses as real and able to smite us.


    There must be effort put into the entry or it does not qualify. We'll be deciding if something is qualified as an entry or not.
    The post/entry must follow forum post rules*
    No plagiarism is allowed
    No alternate accounts may submit entries
    No banned players may submit entries
    You may submit more than one entry but you can only win once


    1st place - 20.000 SP worth of Lucent Heart items
    2nd place - 13.000 SP Worth of Lucent Heart items
    3rd place - 8.000 SP Worth of Lucent Heart items
    All qualified participants - 7 Strawberry Honey Cakes


    February 14th 2016, 11:59PM EST

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    Dear Theia,

    As a Sun Comissioner, I am no stranger to the wonderful arts of healing that are granted by your powers. Whenever the Divine Fire that burns inside me burns out, I can always rely on your Divine Restoration to help me get back on my feet. Whenever I need an escape from the dangers and cruelty of the world, I can always run to you for protection as you are my Aegis. As I may heal your followers with your Healing Touch, it is your Psyche Kiss that Revives my heart. All that I ask, is that you give me a chance to be your Sun Avenger, and allow me to touch your heart as you have mine. I will always follow you and no other for all eternity, and do whatever you ask, just so you can be my Valentine. For I foresee, with the sixth sense you have granted me, that our future together would be bright if you were to accept my request for your love.

    With Love,

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    My dear goddess,

    You will only obtain this letter, for I am the only person seeing you as one. Here working to make this game a better place, there to raise my sinking health. Allow me to show you, with the most honest truth, the grand and majestuous weight of my burning faith.

    At first two opposed beings, now attracted to the point of making me mentally ill. One unexpected love that will transcend the stars, and will not even end when I throw my last breath.

    I took the bet of believing in "forever", patiently waiting for the day we'll vow to be each other's until the grim reaper tear us apart. Our love is a challenge, making its success an even sweeter pleasure.

    The fire you lit in my heart gives me the strength to seek unreasonable dreams, and the conviction that I can achieve them. Ah my goddess, you can be fierce and merciless, frightening and blunt, but not even you will make me believe that you, whose sweet sleeping breath, whose waking voice, aren't the one of the most lovely, and adorable goddess I got to meet.

    If you are reading these words, you know already that i'm talking about you, right ?

    My goddess, allow me to be, your single follower, for I whose feelings shall last endlessly, with a passion growing each seconds. You own my very soul, I love you, Bruna.

    PS: To the mods, I'm aware i'm playing on the edges, but you only said "goddesses in Lucent Heart", and the fact is she is the greatest one to me, no hard feelings, this entry is definitly serious ~

    PS2 : I made this entry before the rules got edited !
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    To the only Goddess that matters:
    How have you been, the flame of my evil and hopeless admiration? It has turned winter here and yet my love for you still burns just as hot as it did when I first laid eyes on you. There should be no question about your beauty and there never was any question about my loyalty towards you. Oh, Cadena. How my heart skips a beat from the very sound of your name. I hope all is well for you, my goddess of hope. If there is any task you ask of me, be it out of love or revenge, you need do nothing but say the words and it shall be done.

    There are days when I reminisce about when I was given the choice to follow your path or the path of that disgusting light woman. That Theia "goddess" is nothing but a false idol in my eyes. One that never did deserve her title or to be even in the same realm of importance as you. I do apologise for even bringing her name up in conversation with you. You are above that and your elegance and beauty is tarnish by even being spoken of in the same topic as that wench.

    Let it be widely know that I chose you, my dear love, as the one and sole object of my love. Never have I regret my choice either. Darkness is what consumes my heart, but it is a passion for that darkness that keeps me longing and waiting for the day you might accept me into your company. I will fight, never missing a day of training if you wish it, to ensure your name and your title as the superior goddess is known throughout the lands. It is all for you, my dear goddess, that I am willing to risk everything and part with anything that may hinder me. The prospect of your love is all it takes for me to clad myself in darkness and join the front lines. Ever the merry to do so in your name. For you, my dear Cadena, hold the only love this boy shall ever desire.

    Your most trusted admirer.

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    To the true heiress of Lucent Heart,

    Oh Theia, Goddess of the Sky,
    It is me; thy loyal warrior
    My undying love, I write to thee
    Wherefore art thou?

    Ye though thy foes stand before me
    I remain unshaken
    It is you, o most high - the source of my faith
    With that I shall fight

    Arise, my beautiful sun,
    Grant me the power to snipe thy foes
    Behold, they shall be pale with grief
    For thy sentinel, art far more powerful

    On the day of thy divine coming,
    I would glow as bright as daylight
    I shall look at thee with earnest feelings
    For thy radiance would shame the night

    I shall hold thy hand gently
    As the love of a child to the mother
    for I am not only a warrior but also a princess
    And my dearest, Theia, thou art the Queen.
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    What you seek is a burning love, a love that can make you feel alive, something consuming, dangerous...
    That's why I won't be able to make you happy. We won't be able to have exciting adventures, I will not be able to show you my world, or the stars.
    I will protect you forever, even after my mortal body is forced to leave this world for good.
    For this moment: all I've done in my life was for this moment. Being with you, even if you can't see me, even if you don't know I'm here with you. Your sleeping beauty is so reassuring, and painful.
    Even if we can't be together, destined to be separated, what matters is the time we've been able to spend together. I shall cherish my memories, no, our memories, in the sky...

    I will be with you, forever

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    My mighty Dark Goddess, leader of giants and cast away men,
    I write this letter in praise and admiration not only because your beauty and strength merit such words, but because your story and struggle have inspired me and filled me with powerful emotions.

    As a priest I was blinded from the truth but now I know...
    this world is foul with the taint of the so called light, the true oppressors of the world,
    but I have seen the true path of justice thanks to you and your mother, the great Goddess Hecate.

    You, the true angel whom fights for not only the giants but all those shunned from Mount Olympus.
    You, the Goddess who shall defeat the tyrants whom have forbidden us true freedom.
    For you, I shall invade the dreams of the foolish and grant you my power.

    And even with all this, I know your heart cannot truly be mine.
    I know, as a Goddess, you must have many followers in order to fulfill your mission and the most importante quest of all.
    This a truth to painful to bear, but I accept it and continue to fight by your side.
    And I will continue fighting until the final battle at Mount Olympus my great, beautiful Goddess, and may Hecate's blessing guide us to victory to revive your mother and obtain the all powerful Lucent Heart.

    My strength and love are yours,
    Your faithful Regular(Anti?)Hero

    PS- A lot of info was gotten from these pages. I got a bit of inspiration from here:

    Show support Cadena!

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    Red face I feel inspired lol

    My dear Goddess Cadena,

    I write this while I pack my few belongings, cast away from my friends and family for seeing the truth and them unable to understand why I chose to worship you.

    Its because they are blinded by your sister, the false Goddess, unknowingly submissive to the whims of Olympus and slaves to Zeus.

    Foolishly adventurers start and follow that path, but I know the, not just I but all your followers understand what is at stake.

    Our Freedom.

    Yes, I start my quest to fight for what truly belongs to Acadia and I will dedicate all my victories to you, the beauty who has possessed my dreams and inspired these words.

    As I finish up packing I turn back to my bed and see my muse, a poster of you and your rich beautiful auburn hair that complement your dark and passionate red eyes.

    I know you need a champion.

    And I know that your love is shared by all your followers, but I refuse to give up.

    As I head out for the Thunder Giant Clan to fight for you and your cause, I know in my heart that I will succeed, so I will not leave you my name.

    Know this my dear Goddess, when you hear of an adventurer that conquers dreams in your name, the champion of the so called dark, it will be me! Fighting and growing in power, all to be closer to you, and I shall win your love by offering you the greatest treasure of all...a Lucent Heart.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

    I like this one more than the last because anyone can take this story as their own...I just imagined this scene seeing all the newcomers like me start this game, and kinda used it like a back-story.

    I also like the fact that it gives the "Evil" Goddess some motivation instead of bwahaha I will destroy the world in the name of Hecate, join me!

    This is pretty fun to imagine I hope more people get involved.
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    Default I thought of someone...

    There is so many ways to start these words to you. I could start with "My only desire" "For my soul mate" or even "For the one that has stole my heart". All of these beginnings to pick from... but one is not the one to start with. It doesn't describe the perfectness I see when I look towards you or the way I was dumbfounded the moment I glanced in your direction.
    As I'm sitting here half asleep, I'm wondering if I'm laced in your thoughts like you are in mine. Throughout life they say that you will meet one that is not like any other. You can talk to them for hours and hours and wonder how lucky you are to have met them, you could tell them things that you wouldn't tell any other and they wouldn't judge you. This is your soulmate, your bestfriend that will never leave your side. You are mine.. you are my light to my darkness.
    I know that you have suffered through much with your sister ,Cadena, but I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to run to when things don't seem right. I still remember that thing you always said to me.. "The light of one heart may be faint, but together, they are blinding". You said it yourself.. two hearts together as one can be such a greater light than one alone.

    Still pretty sleepy but I'll dream about you,


    --writes on the front Don't Read Until Valentine's Day--

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