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Thread: Help with Knight vs Hestian

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    Unhappy Help with Knight vs Hestian

    Hello everybody, as the title states - I need help with adjusting my knight a little bit for final rank-up part. This is my first time and I feel frustrated because I have tried it now 5 times in a row and the result is always same: I get smeered. My knight is 85 and got everything 80D except bracelets that are 80A or B I think +2, rest of the subs +5 and HP mixed Armour.

    With TT-sword +9 I got:
    ATK RTG 1021
    ATK POW 183-237
    DEF 1160
    ABS 76
    HP 468

    With clean 80E Shield and hp mixed Wyvern I got:
    ATK RTG 974
    ATK POW 149-191
    DEF 1385
    ABS 90
    HP 518

    MP is allways 442 wich allows me to spam GC10, but regardless of how much DMG or DEF I have, I allways die in 3 hits. When the V-lads pop up I die in 2.

    Now, what am I doing wrong here? With an enigma force my output will improve, but I will still die to fast to inflict some decent damage. I level skills in order: HV10, Brand10, DS2, GC10 and GB10.

    I am very greatfull for any suggestion for improvement.

    Best regards,

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    Hestian isn't much of a problem. Problem is the xetans. Only way I know how to finish the quest is running around near the wall until xetans get stuck in the wall. It's kind of tricky to get them stuck though. Once they are stuck, you can kill Hestian.

    If you can't tank Hestian, you would want to re-skill, redistribute stat points, and age a bit higher like +10.

    First, about your skill points, you will want to max drastic spirit and godly shield. This build is little bit different than what I recommended in the other thread in order to optimize your skills for the quest.

    Tier 1~3
    Holy Valor - 10
    Drastic Spirit - 10
    Grand Cross - 10
    Sword Mastery - Rest

    Tier 4
    Godly Shield - 10
    God Bless - Rest

    Second, about your stat points, it looks like you have put a lot of stat points into Spirit, and I assume you are using Inferna. I would change to strength build. Use either Tran or Murky. Put as many stat points into Strength, and just enough for other attributes to equip your gears.

    Third, age as high as you can.

    These changes will help you a lot against Hestian, but these won't help you much against Xetans. You gotta get them stuck in the wall.

    I was lvl92 when I tried the quest, and I thought, "this isn't so bad," while I was fighting Hestian, but died instantly when xetans spawned. I was like... O_O

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    After Hestian loses 1/3 HP, he will summon Xetan, so prepare to run
    Just run around near the wall, when Xetan don't chase you anymore, continue fighting Hestian

    After Hestian loses 2/3 HP, he will summon again. So prepare to run again and finish him

    Side note: Find a pris to VL you before the battle and you will be fine.

    Remember my words, don't try to tank or kill Xetan

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    And if you can't still beat the quest go spend about $10.00 and buy 10,000 sp for a knight costume with 300 hp and then you won't have so much of a hard time and you won't be killed off nearly as bad off as you are on defense. Knight costumes run around 7000 sp. You will be able to beat the quest easily then before. Don't make it hard on yourself make sure you have enough pots to do the job. VL from a priestess would help you alot at the beginning of the quest before you go in have a priestess VL you. Get enigma force or inferna force to help on attack. You probally won't need a priestess VL if you get the 300 hp costume but that's up to you and would certainly help. Evade hestians summons, lure hestian to the wall and start fighting hestian there. Then when his summons spawn start running around the wall until you loose them. Keep looking back to see where they stop at so you can lure hestian to you and finish him off. Good Luck no matter how you beat him evade is a good tatic and will help you but don't spend alot ot time running from hestian or you will time out also. Want a priestess to VL you just give me a holler or someone one here and we will meet you there before you go in and VL you. Good Luck again mate hope info helps ya.
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    Thank you boys for quick reply. Yeah i got 126 spr, thought I'll be leveling fast with brandish but it didn't work out that way. Guess going to wait for the event lady next week and try again. It would be awsome if you could VL me just before I enter. Thank you.

    Going to PM you perhaps in a few days onwards

    Best regards,

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    Sorry for double post, but I have recently come home from work and completed the rank-up. I did just as Version discribed: I got them "stuck" in the wall by running from them. I also have been using enigma force wich added huge amount of damage and HP mixed my shield wich allowed me to tank 5 hits of Hestian.

    After rank up I reset my skillpoints to HV10, DS10, SM2, GC10 and GS8 wich allows me to tank decently in i1, though without enigma force I barely inflict any damage at all. That 45 ATK POW that GB10 grants is almost unexistant, but GS prove to be very efficient even with 2h sword.

    Next week I shall free about 50-60 stat points from spirit to strength and see if it will improve my overall preformance though I don't like the idea of losing my mana pool

    Best regards and once again thank you for all your help, hope this will help new players overcoming this rank-up.


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