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Thread: Luna GM Events

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    what is the timezone of this luna reborn?

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    Find the GM Event would be fun... like you will go to a place and try to hide from players.. the first one who spots you wins

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarvinWolfcub View Post
    I kinda wanna see forum events where we can join in with drawings or write Luna-themed little stories or poems or the likes. The prizes could be in-game items, like costumes.
    Totally agreeing with this. It'll foster more forum activity, as well. Maybe attract some of those players who play the game but never look at the forums, which can only be a good thing, as they may then leave feedback and participate in discussion about the game here.

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    Forum or Facebook events would bring more traffic to the off client resources. Like a picture with a certain number of slimes and everyone gets 3 chances and the people who get super close get a rare special item, people who are more than 10 off get a different special item and participants get 100% exp scrolls

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    my favourite events in game is the monster hunter events aka drop events
    especially during the seasons it keeps people playing the exp grind
    could have a chance to get a 1day costume and if people like it enough maybe they will buy a perm or 30d version
    its like try befor you buy

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