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Thread: Anyone need a guild?

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    Default Anyone need a guild?

    So I've been through a few guilds since I started this server and none of them are MY opinion. They are nothing I want out of a guild, inactive, no events, no one chatting, no one helping each other...

    So I've decided I want to make my own guild and make sure it's all of those things, there's people online, people are helping each other out, answering questions, chatting, making friends, having some fun guild events...

    My problem is that I need some level 15+ people to at least start the guild up, then I can recruit all levels to join as well. Is anyone out there interested in starting a guild up with me? The only time I won't be online is if I'm at work or asleep so I'm online quite a bit, I'm still remembering a few things from Lucent Heart but I know some important stuff so I can be useful.

    If you're interested, please whisper Corrin in game or post your in game name in this thread and I'll try to get us all together so we can make this happen.

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    I'm a lvl 30 Fighter
    I would like to be part of a clan to make parties and groups do lvl up together.

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    Still leveling up, should be 15 or 20 by the end of the day depending on how it goes. I'm pretty much exclusively online during the morning hours though since I work at night. I used to be in some friendly guilds back in BF lucent. Hopefully, I can have that same kind of thing again.

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    I'm in UK, usually active in mornings and evenings - does this suit? I'm lv. 51 celestial templar, did join a guild long time ago but never hear from them.

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    Hello I've just started playing today, level 11 priest. I'd be interested in joining your guild, I'm in the UK but active at various times depending on the day. My char name is Seraphal.

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