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Thread: Game Guard could not be found?

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    Question Game Guard could not be found?

    Hello, today i've been trying to get into nine dragons and i get this error here.

    I dunno why it is doing that, the game guard icon shows up on my taskbar and everything.
    I can play the game just fine for a 30 seconds then the error shows up. I've tried running
    it as a administrator just incase it didnt have permission to launch and i still get the same
    error. But, i dunno what's wrong.

    Is this something to do with my end or something? I'd really like help quick as possable please!
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    Is there seriously no admin going to comment a helpful reply to this? Well, i can see what type of people purchased 9Dragons and i'm sad you guys are going to kill it completely.

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    Gameguard starts then shuts down , I suspect because it isn't added into our firewall exceptions. so also I am using windows 10 and it doesn`t see gameguard as an app because its a .des files
    I turned off my firewall and game still closes after 2 mins, so it`s not the firewall. I still think it has to do with gameguard
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    Ok after some more research it seems gameguard doesn`t recognise windows 10, gameguard is within 9dragons so it cant be run in compatibility mode. to play this game windows 10 users have to rollback to a previous operating system, until gameguard recognise it

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    Yo guys, Suba abandoned this game like a year ago. Come over to Redfox.

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    Redfox is the worse version ever

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    The game has no support for Windows 10.

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