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Thread: Need help with a level 26 quest

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    Default Need help with a level 26 quest

    The quest is called: Terrible Titans. And is handed out by Wayne (E02,E06) in Hammer of Zeus.

    For this quest you need to do two things:
    - Kill: Thunder Clan Titan 0/1
    - Acquire: Charred Machine Fragment 0/1

    Killing the Thunder Clan Titan was a piece of cake, with the help of my friends. The trouble is getting the Charred Machine Fragment. I found this machine called 'Metallurgical Machine' with a double-click function. But when I do so, I get the message "[ Metallurgical Machine ] No response". What am I doing wrong here? I didn't get an item from Wayne to open it and neither can I attack it...

    All help is appreciated.
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    Hi there, unfortunately this is a known bugged quest.
    reports here:

    We're still waiting for the developers to send a patch to fix it and more of the noted bugs as found here:

    For now please continue on with other quests and have fun playing~
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    Thank you for the quick reply Aurelle! I should have checked Bug Reports in the first place.

    It really sucks though, that Playcoo still hasn't been able to fix this bug. As it has been known for almost 2,5 years...
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