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Thread: Help with ks skill build

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    Question Help with ks skill build

    Hi all! well i want to know wich one is the best skills to use for my ks, is the first one i create and idk much bout this char, my stats pts are like this:
    Str: 220
    Spir: 69
    Tal: rest of my points here
    Health: base

    I change it after completing the 5tier rank up, i had it like this:
    Str: rest of points here
    Spir: 72
    Tal: 95
    Agi: 76
    Health: base

    Used as skill combination this:
    Brandish lv10
    Holy Valor lv10
    Great Cross lv10
    God Bless lv5
    Godly Shield lv3
    Divine Piercing lv2

    It was fine for lvl and for complete my rank up again Hestian easily, but now i change it after goin pvp and couldnt even do dmg to a lvl80 prs xD

    As u see i use this stats build, but i want to know wich one is the best skills combinations that will work better for lvl.
    Also a side question, wich is the best build for pvp, and if its possible to build a pvp and lvler ks?
    Thanks for the answer
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    You stat points seem fine.

    I wish I could help you on PVP build, but I am not sure which skills are optimum for PVP at low lvl8x.

    Personally, I would reskill as following....

    Tier 1-3:
    Holy Valor - 10
    Drastic Spirit - 10
    Sword Mastery - 10
    Grand Cross - rest
    and finally...Divine Shield - rest (up to 9)

    Tier 4-5:
    Saint Blade - as many SP as the skill lvl limit allows
    Godly Shield - rest

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    Thanks for the anwser Ver... well, i'd back to the first build stat... with more strenght,and use this skill combination:
    holy valor: 10
    Drastic spirit: 10
    Sword mastery: 5
    Grand Cross: 10

    And i only use 4tier skills now:
    God Bless: 6
    Godly Shield: 4
    Divine Piercing: 3

    Dont use any of the 5tier skills, since i dont know wich one is better, but im thinkin on rebuild for Saint Blade and God Bless only, u dont think i will need godly shield?
    maybe next time u'll be online can give me a hand

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