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Thread: how to increase success rate of extinction skill

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    Default how to increase success rate of extinction skill

    extinction skill is very good! but success rate to very low!! on high lv. map
    effect of skill can residual life of monster look like VT (mage skill can decreases life ) but work only undead monster.
    1.can residual life of monster immediately when you use skill (if success) time life decrease like vt mage
    3.skill it work only undead monster.
    4.% to success very low
    - VT
    1.yep vt is good for boss hunting can decreases life & dmg of monster.
    2.have a duration effect of skill all type monster.
    4.% to succes is high (I think)
    look this video spend more times to use extinction but not success wtf!! ? (high lv monster)
    and look on 07.40 skill is success can residual life by 50 % very good!! (noob monster)

    any one know how to increase success rate of extinction skill ?
    -such as brac lv/1 + per agi stat ? work or not ?
    i think priest can kill valento boss very easy by extinction skill

    - Valento 110 Undead
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    I have same question like u ^^
    Anyone can explain ???

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