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Thread: Non-NA lag issues discussion thread

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    Default Non-NA lag issues discussion thread

    Hello all,

    I'd firstly like to say that I'm really enjoying this game, its the friendliest and most addictive MMO I've played in a long time. Which is why I'd like to continue playing it. However, as an EU player I find the lag spikes to make the game almost unplayable at times. This is not an issue with my ISP or computer, I play lots of other online games and have no issues. I am concerned that I won't be able to participate in end-game content in this current state.

    So I'm hoping to start a constructive and comprehensive discussion thread here for other non-NA players, to discuss any issues you encounter and possible solutions.

    I used the forum search function, and didn't find a great deal of info (for starters it filters out the tag "lag" which doesn't help) and likewise Google turned up nothing useful.

    Does the channel make a difference? It feels like Olympia is smoother for me, not sure if its because there are less players there. Are there any in-game settings or external programs which you have found to improve your gameplay? Are there any plans for an EU server? Does the game client downloaded from the LH homepage give you access to the same server as through Steam?
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    Hello there from Portugal

    First, I'd like to say that you don't need to worry that much about not being able to participate in end-game content. The end-game content isn't that hardcore in LH. I play with pretty low fps & a crappy computer; lag is only a [serious] problem during GvG, Events, WB Dragon and when I'm multi-clienting.

    Overall, the game itself can be a bit laggy, yes. You'll notice that especially when you attend a GvG; even people that own OP computers and have an awesome connection cannot escape the beautiful GvG lag. I mean, they'll lag less but there will still be some for them.

    The channel can indeed make a difference. Athens channel is currently the laggiest due to the amount of players in there (our player market is in this channel so yeah). Olympia should be the second and then there's Underworld, which is usually a ghost channel. These last two run smoother for me.

    To decrease the lag you can change some of your in-game settings.
    I always play with skill & weather effects off (wish Zana's thunder effect would off too tho :v)

    Before SubaGames, LH was being hosted by Beanfun! and there was a UK, US and FR server. The FR server died, same then happened with the UK server - but this one got merged with the US. Then it died again. Personally, I don't think there will ever be (or that it should be) an EU server; there aren't many EU players around and the community isn't that big either. They can make up to us by hosting some events in decent EU times tho o3o/

    Lastly, yes, the server you access via Steam is the same you access via le Suba download.
    I hope ma input was helpful Also, welcome to LH!
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    I'm European too but I don't experience any kind of connection lag except for the already mentioned GvG issue.

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    Thanks for the advice, I'll try those settings Bruna

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