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Thread: Pro fighters come inside!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quass2NxYDSj6Nr View Post
    btw i dont think AM+Swift really works coz i tried buffing only AM its attack speed with or without Swift axe is thesame.. do you guys know how much max attack speed?
    u sir are either baiting or just blinder then people who got their eyes gouged out .....
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    I can't believed it I waste my time reading this thread

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    Wait for shaman in your party cast AM and then cast all your skill SA, CC, BB, cast AM before SA will make FS has crazy speed faster than every chars. Now in Bless Caster defend and attack rating are nothing, only block and evade work in PvP, destroyer will work good with 28% crit add. So many players think the weapon mastery skills are good but they wrong, this type skill add % of weapon attack power not total damage, example your weapon attack power is 100-150, and your weapon mastery skill add 40% you will get 40-60 attack power from this skill, not much in your total damage, remember 130 streng add 100% weapon attack power, in this example it add 100-150 to your damage ok? And i think when your lvl is lower than 92, need AC 10 for train you need max AC first, then SA, then BS, CC is not important. when 92 you have 17 EP can make DH 7, BB 1 and 4 BH, good for train, your SP for SA 10, CC 10, MM 10 and then Roar 10. When you 105 can go to IM for train, you can change to high lvl PD with stun status, so good for train 1vs1 mob. Few words from noob FS.
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