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Thread: Sod Mage?

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    Default Sod Mage?

    There's way too much mixed info out there, idk how to build. I'm going to get my mage to 100 (not sure how many elite points I'll have)

    Is this how I should build?

    Agony - ???????
    Energy Shield - ????????
    Death Ray - 10
    Spirit Elemental - 1
    Dias - 10
    Flame Wave - 1
    Meteor - 1
    Silraphim - 6
    Vis Tenus - 1
    Prima Ignis - 1
    Third Anima - 10 (if possible)

    Is this right? And then minimum requirements for lvl 100 gear and use quest staff?

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    U dont need death ray. Put energy shield to 6-7 do a rest with event girl to see what level shield you need to tank rd 8. Rest into Agony.

    3rd Anima lvl 10 requires lvl 108.
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    I tried the 6 silraphim 1 meteor build everyone says to do and that is the worst magician build I ever played lol.
    Just spam silraphim? So bad.

    A few reasons why it sucks:

    - Chugs through mana like crazy (146MP per cast) and using agony to restore is time that you are not doing damage.
    - 6 silraphim is similar to 10 dias damage but then why ever use dias?
    - Wasted skill points unless you are 11x magician.
    - Not having 10 meteor is crazy bad. 10 meteor hits higher than even 10 silraphim and has large AOE.

    I was always a fan of the old dias -> flame wave -> dias -> meteor -> dias -> agony combo.
    It makes sense to replace flame wave with silraphim with tier 5 out.

    IMO, this is the better build:

    10 spirit elemental
    10 dias
    10 meteor
    10 silraphim (or as high as you can get)
    Don't even unlock vis tenus, prima ignis or third anima until you can get third anima to 3 AFTER you get 10 meteor and 10 silraphim.

    Yes your damage bonus will only be 35% with spirit elemental but you will have large AOE radius and more damage until you can also unlock third anima 3 in which case you remove points from spirit elemental. In almost every game when you compare a damage boost (in this case, third anima) to powerful skills (meteor,silraphim) the damage boost is almost always inferior unless it's a case where you are some sort of berserker glass cannon that 1-shots people and you need all of the damage % modifiers to increase chance of 1-hit-KO potential (not really a thing in this game).

    Like I said, 6 silraphim is similar damage to 10 dias... so why not have your 10 dias still be relevant? If you have 6 silraphim then you will never use dias because you are essentially spamming 10 dias as 6 silraphim. This is why we go 10 silraphim. This gives you more overall damage but also gives you more damage in the form of larger AOE radius - you can hit more mobs. By going this route instead of unlocking third anima (until you are 11x) you also get 10 meteor which does even more damage than 10 silraphim. You also use less agony this way which is also essentially a damage boost because you are attacking more often.

    Until you become an 11x magician, the damage boost from third anima is not better because you simply do more damage this way. A % boost does not = better damage in this case.

    Go 10 dias, 10 meteor and 10 silraphim first - in that order.
    Then, only unlock the rest of the tier 5 skills and third anima when you can make it lvl 3.

    Just my 2 cents/opinion.

    It's also down time where you are not attacking when you must cast third anima every 2 minutes. Very annoying. Spirit elemental lasts 4.5 mins. Much better until 11x lol.
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    I'll do some calculations here.
    We will assume said magician is level 100, 460 spirit points and weapon has 60min damage.

    Silraphim level 6
    Min Damage:550 + (Spirit Point/2 + LV + Weapon's Min Damage * 3)
    Max Damage: 610 + (Spirit Point/1 + LV + Weapon's Max Damage * 3)
    Total min damage =1060

    Silraphim level 10
    Min Damage:710 + (Spirit Point/2 + LV + Weapon's Min Damage * 5)
    Max Damage: 770 + (Spirit Point/1 + LV + Weapon's Max Damage * 5)
    Total min damage = 1340

    Looking at this, we can determine that spamming silraphim level 6 is more effective than having delay with silraphim level 10. However, that is only by comparing the skill to itself. We have to take dias level 10 into account:

    Remember how I said silraphim level 6 has similar damage to dias level 10?

    Dias level 10
    Min Damage: 142 + (Spirit Point/6 + LV/2 + Weapon's Min Damage * 4)
    Max Damage: 190 + (Spirit Point/3 + LV/2 + Weapon's Max Damage * 4)
    Total min damage = 509 x 2 (skill hits twice) = 1018

    If we were to use silraphim level 6 then we would never ever need to level up dias because we would never use it. You might as well have dias level 1 if you have silraphim level 6. So because dias level 10 does similar damage to silraphim level 6, we might as well buff silraphim to 10 to use inbetween dias level 10 casts which gets (excluding meteor level 10) grants us an extra ~300 damage. How? Assume dias level 10 is actually silraphim level 6:

    Essentially, we're casting:
    - 6 silraphim
    - 10 silraphim
    - 6 silraphim
    - 10 silraphim
    - 6 silraphim
    - 10 silraphim
    etc. by casting dias level 10 followed by silraphim level 10.

    Silraphim level 10 also has 200 range compared to silraphim level 6's 160 range. More AOE = more damage.

    By adding meteor level 10 into this equation we don't even need to factor in the difference between 10 spirit elemental and third anima level 3+.

    Meteor level 10
    Min Damage:550 + (Spirit Point/2 + LV + Weapon's Min Damage * 3)
    Max Damage: 610 + (Spirit Point/1 + LV + Weapon's Max Damage * 3)
    Total min damage = 1060 x 3 (skill hits three times) = 3180

    That's a lot of damage.

    The only time you want to have vis tenus, prima ignis unlocked and third anima level 3+ is when you have 10 dias, 10 meteor and 10 silraphim already.
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    Mental Mastery Level?

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    SOD mage Full Stats points ADD Spirit

    Talent 8x
    agility 8x
    Str : use low str GS +18 abov prf block

    HP : same no less no more

    about Items wand staff robe braclt gaunt boot Shield +18 abov with full Majors Yellow +25 spirit HP 25x abov

    2 dsr 3.9

    TA prf

    About skills its Easy and You can Test All to know

    Thats my Build and best

    good Luck all

    Best Regards


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    at 105 i could do 1.2kk score with lvl 10 dia / lvl 10 silph alternate spamming.

    each to there own though, just find whatever works best for you and do that

    SoD not fun anymore since they posting those BC SoD scores.....

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    what lvl of your third anima? you can kill chaos cara at round 8?

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