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Thread: Kickstarter Has Launched!

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    Default Kickstarter Has Launched!

    Greeting everyone!

    It is my honor to say that Luna Online: Reborn has finally launched its Kickstarter Campaign!

    Head on over to the Kickstarter and show your support!

    Luna has also recently launched on Steam Greenlight and is quickly climbing the ladder towards the top game on Greenlight!

    Make sure you vote Yes on steam for Luna's revival!

    Both the Kickstarter and Greenlight were only possible thanks to all the support you have given!

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    AY, rip my wallet

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    Hello Devs! server error here. Cant activate cbt key...

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    This takes the piss. I sent three GM's a request for the current game and now you guys are adding a new one....

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    I like it, but my wallet is waiting for month end

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