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Thread: Magician guideline (including Tier 5)

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    Default Magician guideline (including Tier 5)

    Hello everyone,

    I just started playing again since 2010 and lot has changed over the last 6 years!
    My magician (level 93) just finished the Tier 5 quest.
    Now, I was wondering if there is a ''ideal'' guideline for building a magician now a days?

    Beforehand I had the following skill levels:

    - Agony level 7
    - Energy Shield level 10
    - Distrophism level 10
    - Spirit Elemental level 10
    - Flame wave level 5
    - Meteorite level 10

    Any suggestions for the skill levels including Tier 5?

    I really appreciate any help you can provide.


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    Additional information

    I made agony level 7 already and all other skills are still level 1 at the moment.
    This is what I have left:

    Skill Points: 28
    Elite SP: 9

    Something like this:

    - Agony level 7?
    - Mental Mastery level 1 OR 10?
    - Energy Shield level 7-8?
    - Distrophism level 10?
    - Spirit Elemental level 1 OR 10?
    - Flame wave level 1?
    - Meteorite level 1 OR 10?
    - Silraphim level 1?
    - Vis Tenus level 1?
    - Prima Ignis level 1?
    - Third Anima level 1 OR 10?

    Third Anima level 10 and Meteorite level 1?
    Or Meteorite level 10 and Third Anima level 1 (having Spirit Elemental level 10)?

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    depends on what you wanna do, how are you going to lvl? if you are going to lvl in sod then go like this:

    agony 10
    es 5-6 depending on your gears
    dia 10
    third anima 10
    silph 6 (spammable)
    mental masttery 10

    you won't be able to do all this at your lvl but its a goal to set i guess.

    If you plan to just boss hunt then go:

    VT 10
    3rd anima 10
    ES 10
    silph 6
    agony 10
    MM 10

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    What's the fastest way to lvl? Beforehand I always went to Greedy Lake or S2.
    And with SoD mage you mean training in SoD or is this just a general term for a mage build?
    Have no clue what's the best exp now.... haha!

    Thus, according to your advise Meteorite isn't usefull anymore? Silph 6 replaces Meteor 10?
    And with only Elite SP: 9, would it be wise to start with third anima 10 and after more ES points Silph 6?

    Thanks for the advise already

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    if you are going to solo train then yes train in SoD

    there are 3 options for SoD Build:

    Dia 10
    silph 10

    and just alternate between the 2 skills as they have delay

    option 2:

    dia 10
    silph 6

    cast dia and you can spam 2-3 silph before next dia

    option 3:

    pure silph spam at level 6

    i would go silph lvl 6 and then gradually lvl third anima to 10 but its up to you, play around with it and see whats best

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    Wow thanks man! This Silph level 6 works amazing.
    Dia is not 100% yet so I still have to test the combination, but it feels good!

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