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Thread: System Message Suggestions

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    Lightbulb System Message Suggestions

    well, i would like to suggest this system message:

    in Friendlist:
    When you friend is online: "<player name of your friend> is Online"
    When you friend is offline: "<player name of your friend> is Offline"
    please don't put any exclamation point here. this indicates that your player in your friendlist.

    in guild:
    when guild member is online:
    Guild Member <player name> is Online!

    in pvp:
    when you kill someone: "You killed <player name of your target>"
    Example: "You killed Tester"

    when you killed by someone: "Killed by <player name who killed you>"
    Example: "Killed by Tester"
    no exclamation point either
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    This is detailed message
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    I honestly prefer the exclamation marks as they give a feeling of joy more than "PunBot" is online". I much prefer "PunBot Is Online!". . As this is a social based community game more than solo self grinding, feelings like that applied through subtle hints can make text feel like speech. But hey, that's just my opinion

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