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    Default Pet Skin recoloring

    *you may want move this to DOMO suggestions

    Hi SUBA team and DOMO players

    I have been absent for a long while, and just now found out you have been work at some new SE texture models for pet.

    Fist of all i would like to congratulate this initiative, its very important to keep the community's interest and we all if not most, appreciate this

    However i have seen a lot of complaints regarding the creativity of the new skins, they seems mostly recoloring of previews versions, and lack some new patterns and color matches

    So i have come to suggest a competition as you have done before, give the playes the chance to let out their inner artist and contribute to the project, give them rewards and take whatever you think its suitable for a new SE series

    I may not participate of such event as i dont have much time to dedicate righ now, But here is my contribution

    This is a compilation of old and new lineart i have done here and there for my own fun, they are based on the actual 3d model and very accurate. You are free to use as you please
    There is a MUCH bigger ver. of this image, so if you are interested let me know

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