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Thread: Multiple Ideas - (Guildhalls included)

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    If it were possible, I think it would be a progressive ideal to create 1-2 Guildhalls available per each city, that would in turn be available via "rent" and would act as both a gold drain and a localized gathering center for guild members. Ideally, if you were to be accepted into a guild who currently is in possession of a guildhall, you would be able to set your re-spawn point within the guildhall. Further, guildhalls would have either various teleports, or a universal teleport which would present the option to the player as to which city they would like you teleport to. <-- Just one of the various perks of having a guildhall. There could also be guild specific NPCs to possibly sell guild furniture? Or perhaps upgrades of sorts? There are several possibilities presented with the expansion of guildhalls, but primarily it allows for greater cultivation of community which keeps players involved and logging on not only to adventure, but see their friends.

    Secondary Craft-skill Ideals - Secondary skills would back up primary skills by bringing a "gathering" sort of aspect to the game, offering an alternative to simply grinding creatures.


    Farming - Farming is a popular skill across many mmorpgs, and even has a simulator fan base. It is also a very appropriate skill to this game in regard to growing herbs for potions, fibers for tailoring, or rare materials for use in rare equipment.

    Mining Starcore Dungeons - Basically you have similar setup as the current labyrinth system, except you modify the environments a bit (I imagine a crystal-ish starcore mine for higher level ores/crystals) and exchange out chest for interactive ore locations with a required mining specific item.. be it pickaxe or something more creative.. perhaps made by the blacksmith or a mechanic "steam punk chainsaw!?". Ores obviously used in the BS skills, crystals for equipment and potions, other rare elements, etc. I've pondered on the concept of "fossil pets". Could be a rare mining find that requires a quest and/or cost heavy ritual to bring back what was otherwise lost in time. Who knows what secrets or mysteries could be unearthed.

    Fishing/Cooking - At this current time, I'm not 100% certain on whether fishing is existent in LH or not. I don't claim to be a long standing player, but what I lack in experience, I make up for in an aspiration to see it grow. Either way, fishing and/or cooking are both skills that could easily fit into the current system and already have a pre-existing item list to work with as far as ingredients.


    Teleportation... this one is tricky, how to do give everyone a way to quick teleport every so often without eliminating a need for scrolls/stones and such.. Simple, allow a buy-able or earn-able Teleportation skill to be introduced into the game. Give it a side effect of a 10 min debuff and a 20-30 min cool down. This way you may be compromised in deciding to teleport due to the debuff, but allows for convenience if your purpose is simply to go to town for a bit.. Given the 30 mins cool down, your still going to have to run back to wherever you were.. The reason why I feel this is worthy of inclusion into the game is that many players are put off after level 25-35 when they've used up all their free teleports, and I feel that easing the transport too and from town would encourage players to keep playing into the higher levels. There is stilla need for the airships, because if your destination is the next drop off, it is still quicker than either walking or if your last teleport skill use is still on cool down. It may need some tweaking but, ah.

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    • There's a guild NPC that sells items, schematics and skills.
    • There's a store that only the guildmaster can access that allows him to trade guild points for exclusive mounts and pets.
    • There's a light faith teleport skill that allows you to teleport to several different mabs whithin your level.
    • There's a dark faith teleport skill that allows you to teleport to teammates (bugged but will get fixed)
    • There's a dark & light teleport skill that allows you to invite teammates to you (bugged but will get fixed)
    • As you level up you'll unlock the ability to teleport to some maps in a specific NPC

    As for fishing and cooking, there's not really something like that around here, but there's fairly alot of other features you can explore such as racing, world bossing, house invasion and dancing.
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    Ya guild hall would be really awesome to have.

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