Hello ACE pilots!

In the spirit of St. Patrick's day, we'll be holding a 3 week long event to celebrate this holiday!

Players may collect Four Leaf Clovers, and top collectors will be rewarded every week based on their rank in their gear type, as every gear type.

Per gear type per week:
1st - 3 Hprots + 4 ACE Compensation Boxes + 3 Month Membership+Combo Package (3 Month Membership + 1 Power Leveling Set (5H) + 1 Regen Set (5H))
2nd - 2 Hprot + 3 ACE Compensation box + 1 month membership
3rd - 1 Hprot + 2 ACE Compensation box + 1 month membership
4th to 7th - 2 ACE Compensation Boxes
8-10th - 1 ACE Compensation box

- All clovers will be reset during weekly maintenance and prizes will be awarded
- If the Clover ranks are the same, the character who has higher level will be the winner.
- If the Clover ranks and levels are the same, the character who has higher EXP will be the winner.

To see the leaderboards, please head on over to https://ace.subagames.com/ to see how many your fellow players have collected!

Compensation Box.JPG

Each compensation box will contain:
1 Hyper Gamble Prefix
1 Hyper Gamble Suffix
1 Prefix Removal Card
1 Suffix Removal Card

If you manage to collect 150 Four Leaf Clovers at any time during a single week during the event, you will be granted a Clover Box for your efforts, which can contain up to 9000 warpoints! This can only occur once.

Clover Box.JPG

We will also be on at random times to give out surpise gifts to players!

The final week's winner may just get a special prize...

Good luck and happy collecting!

[Update List] - Spring Event patch + Arena Bug Fix

1. Fixed arena bug where players over 110 level couldn't create arena rooms