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Thread: when it rains, it ....

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    Default when it rains, it ....

    this is one of those fun fast games where the first person, me, will say when it rains, it...
    then something else after that. it can be anything. then the next person would continue that.

    player 1: when it rains, it snows rice putting
    player 2: when it snows rice putting, i eat it.
    player 3: when i eat it, it explodes inside of me.

    and so on.
    the start:
    when it rains, it...

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    sends mass destruction.

    When it sends mass destruction...

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    that right

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    It makes your body slim

    When it makes your body slim, it...

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    makes your clothes not fit.

    When it makes your clothes not fit...
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