I have heard again and again that "You shouldn't put your pets, or your battle pets in the pet house!" Because if you do, they may not be withdrawn, and can only be used by the character that summoned the pet from it's contract. However, I believe it would benefit everyone if you were able to share your pets in the pet house with any other character you have on that specific account. I have four pets on my main character, and two pets on one alt, and none on my third. It would be awesome if you could share them with your alts in the pet house, as you would be able to share your storage items. Although, I understand that once a battle pet has been summoned, regardless if you put it in the pet house or not, it still cannot be traded to anyone. It would even just be a nice touch if only the Passive pets could be shared! Just a thought I would like to voice. Thank you for reading.