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Thread: Is Dexterity build still a viable option? - Post your thoughts!

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    Play with STR,,
    WIS give crit change ? sure?

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    but it so hard solo.
    u got stun? u die
    ur computer lag? u die

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    Dex is too dilluted as it is, get STR bonuses through armor bonuses, stats and reinforcement and/or VIT at lower levels and at higher levels switch STR for WIS which gives crit bonus and crit damage bonus, not DEX since it gives crit bonus and dodge bonus which is too low to account for much, maybe, just, maaaayyyybeee, after suba removes the level cap and releases the full content switch to DEX, but again, it's a BIG maybe since you would need a humongolous amount of DEX to get any noticeable increase, and even then...

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    human race wis +1 vit +2 dex and str just for the gear cuz the dex give very low except to elf race.

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    I don't understand what is so hard, just make it 1dex=0,3 evade 1 hit 0,01 crit chance if u want to hit a full dex build invest a bit in dex don't care if u are mage or worrier invest in dex or don't pvp full dex rogue, not to mention going full dex u loose the damage from full str so its not that going dex is op cause u get damage and crit and all, also mobs get more hit rate as they get stronger, there problem solved

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