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Thread: Recommended build for Majin?

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    IGN : KidSkizofernia lvl : 31

    Hi guys i want to ask, im using majin my skills are engage, ebony, and penetrate. I'm so lost my HP , what must i change ? and what passive skill must i put ? i didn't take passive skill yet

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    Hi mates, i'm Majin Mage Pure Int lv 52. Is it better if i change the stats to 2 int and 1 wis? i reinforce with either int or wis. Care to advise me? Cheers Mate ^^

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    Ashley is, i think, referring to skills not the stat

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    My single biggest problem, with any build, for any class, is a lack of proper basic explanations of the fundamental game mechanics, being, a CLEAR definition of each stat, the affected stats below them, and a more pains taking detailed explanation of the skills available for each class.

    well, that's the SECOND biggest problem, the BIGGEST is a CURRENT rundown of how many points we get per level and where to spend them, a CURRENT explanation of reinforcement, enchants, constructs and deconstructs.......BECAUSE......almost every guide i've seen in forums is based on information that is NO LONGER VALID

    and yes it makes me frustrated beyond belief
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