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Thread: Need a Fighter Guide

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    Default Need a Fighter Guide

    Could someone make me a Fighter Guide for PvP and PvE.

    And what I want to know is how is a fighter against a Pike in PvP?


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    Default hii dude =)

    PvP build:

    Hp: base keep it at 27

    Spirit: I think it´s best with mumu so 64 spir. stat 0.9 0.9 spec 0.3 0.9
    some ppl like trans better for more strenght but then u can do less skills.

    Agility: u need 72-76 agility for 80d boots (some ppl use holy boots for extra strenght but that makes you miss alot)

    Talent: should be at 90 for lvl 80d stuff

    Strenght: the rest

    pvP build is about having lots of strenght.

    for the skills

    Melee mastery : lvl 10

    brutal swing: lvl 10 (better crit on ac)

    Destroyer: lvl 10 ( the skill u will use for killing pikes ^^ )

    Roar: lvl 2 or 3 stun your enemies for a few sec... effective if u got many atking u at the same time. or u just wanna have fun with a pike

    Swift axe/Concentration: speed or hit? I prefer hit so I keep concentration at lvl 7. not perfect hit but better.

    hp: this is a good skill. increase it after destroyer. makes +10 hp everytime u increase.

    tip for pvp: when u see that the pike throwes up his spear in the air and starts running at you. TAP POT POT POT POT POT POT POT POT and wish that u have god with u so u don´t lag =)

    PvE build

    Im not good at this build since I build after the build above.

    but I think u need some more hp on your stats.

    lvl up bone crash for demon hunt (effective in s1/s2)

    I don´t know but I would say that u should lvl the cyklone strike for damaging manny enemies at once.

    Roar might be good to.

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    my very noobi pvp movie *_*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toksuri View Post
    my very noobi pvp movie *_*

    hey you know you can move pots to your arm by hovering the mouse over the pot and pressing shift+ arm slot #(1-3)
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    I know that now I had alot of comments about that

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    IMO for PvE, higher spir is better, 72 for dev or more if thats what you prefer (I use an 81 spir cele). It is GREAT for skillspam and farming mana, awesome for when mana prices are crazy like now.

    Besides that, base health (27)
    90 Tal for axes/armors
    72-74 or so agi for 8x-10x boots (72 is min, but good luck getting that on 80d and higher)
    Spir depends on your preference; murky for more dmg and less skillspam, or dev or higher for more skillspamming. Murk needs 64, dev 72 at minimum.
    And all the rest into Str.

    10 Swift Axe
    10 MM
    BC might wanna have high lvl for leveling, as it RAPES demons.
    Later on for hunting, AC at 10 and brutal swing up high to add crit is good, as barely any mobs in ice and higher are demon type.
    Dest 10
    Then up to you between berserker and health boost imo; cyc strike has a limited number of mobs it can hit, can't be spammed and the dmg isn't all that good imo, so it's not worth it. Berserker is better for hunting (1v1 in those maps, the abs loss doesn't make much diff), and HB better for SoD/lvling/Tanking.

    Just my 2 cents ;x

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