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Thread: IMPORTANT - Botting Behavior

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    Default IMPORTANT - Botting Behavior

    Hello everyone, it has come to our attention that we received some reports of players botting and then we would get a ticket claiming that they had Control + P on to hide other players and turned off chats while mob farming. Don't do that anymore. If you are legitimately grinding but want to be left alone, at least leave general chat and control + P on.

    All the people who have submitted bot reports so far have done a tremendous job of helping us keeping bots out of DOMO. We trust them and we are going to continue to trust them. If you don't allow yourself to be able to let someone know that you aren't botting, we are going to side with the person reporting you regardless of whatever evidence you may have to defend yourself with.

    It is important that players are aware of this as bot reporters keep the game clean and preserves the integrity of the community.

    Thank you.

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    Anyone who uses Control + P in mob areas should be banned. That shows total disregard for others.

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    That sounds like a perfect excuse and great way to bot. Botting while having DOMO minimized and chats turned off while doing something else on their computer then when someone whispered them they can just quickly alt-tab back to DOMO. I also don't see the point of turning off general besides using it as an excuse here. I believe those who claimed they are not botting because of that are in fact, botting.

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    Did you control+P asterisk mobs too?
    I'm sure that is the excuses the last guy made but man, it's not about you not replying chat but it's about you doing same movement every time and keep going back to the same exact spot every particular time. If you're going to make excuses please at least tell us how can you go back to exact spot every time while farming? Or maybe you have the same brain as a bot so that you can move like them? Oh wait, bots don't have any.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayWolfman View Post
    Anyone who uses Control + P in mob areas should be banned. That shows total disregard for others.
    Imma just copy this ^

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    I used to farm a lot on Aeria's server, I would usually just jam music or watch a movie. It's fairly easy to repeat actions with your fingers and be distracted by a movie and not notice general chat. Whispers don't pop up unless you are alt tabbed. So I have had time where I would respond late, but my actions weren't running to exactly identical spots, just general spots that the mobs would spawn. For example in Foggy the branch monkey spot only has 3 groups that you aoe.

    I often wonder about some of these farm-a-holics hogging foggy. Like, people seriously farm for 6-12 hours at a time there, which is almost inhuman. There is literally waiting lists to farm that place, sometimes you have to book days in advance. It literally took me almost 2 days after jumping in line to get the farming spot one time. It's pretty stupid. It's impossible to get in on weekends and I work a lot. So I pretty much gave up trying to farm foggy. That and some players don't respect the that you book a place in line and will have it off to a guild member or a friend and screw you over. It was worse on Aeria games because a certain guild would rotate the spot on a schedule and hog it 24/7, and then report you if you started hitting the monsters.

    However it never held water as Aeria's rule was any monster you hit was yours. I am not sure of what Suba declared as mob stealing. If the mob has to be hit by another player to steal it, then it's perfectly fair to just invade a farming spot and take half of it. Rude yes, but nothing against the rules. I mean you can't complain about someone killing mobs you didn't attack. Could Suba clarify what their rule is for mob priority?

    I'm not accusing anyone, I'm just saying the gold they try to sell has to come from somewhere, and I've seen very few bots in low level locations lately, and low level locations can't get the amount of bulk gold that the bots advertise.
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    Default heres a few bots i found in the crypt heres part 1

    i wonder how to delete that i didnt know we had to use a ticket
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