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Thread: Hotarou Guide From Mage to Saint

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    Post Hotarou Guide From Mage to Saint

    Hi Guys, I’m hotarou and I would like to share my build for mage so that new players have some guide on how they are going to build their mages it’s not the best build cause you can make different builds here, but this build is actually good

    Pure INT

    Human Path (human have extra critical damage of 5% so I suggest to go human)

    (The first class of the mage type. This class can learn active skills that are related to simple attacks and HP recovery. This class learns MP recovery-related passive skills)

    Enhance MP (Max)
    Wise Position (Max)

    Mage Blessing (Max)
    Reinforce Wisdom (Max)
    Bless Heart (Max)

    Active Skills
    Wind Strike or Fire Ball (Max) (just choose 1 here)
    Heal (Max)

    (A specialized class for magic attacks. This class learns magic attack active skills.)

    Why wizard not cleric?
    -It doesn’t matter if you pick wizard or cleric here cause your eventually change job soon.
    -wizard has more magic active skills than cleric and specialize in magic attacks while cleric is for healing.
    -It’s easy to grind with wizard than cleric but you lack of healing abilities
    -Your level 5 heal from mage is enough

    Just max the passive you get from mage

    Intelligence (Max)
    Mana Aurora (Max)
    Reinforce Wisdom (Max)
    Mage Blessing (Max)

    Active Skills
    Blood Stream (Max)

    NOTE: the following skills are all good but please look at your SP, try to manage them properly. If possible just learn 1 of them ?

    Burning Fire (Max) DOT
    Envenom (Max) DOT
    Chill Breeze (Max)

    (An advanced class of the 1st class “wizard” which can learn magic attack active skills)

    Why sorcerer
    -Sorcerer can give you 2 AOE that priest and monk don’t have
    -you can solo grind and easy kill mobs with aoe
    -your heal from mage is still enough

    -you’re lacking of heal when you reach level 50 the heal from mage can’t full your HP
    -Lack of 1v1 skills, Not good in PVP compared to monk

    Just max the passive you get from mage

    Just max the Buff you get from mage and wizard

    Active skills
    Blood Stream (Max)
    Lightning Stun (Max) Stun
    Blizzard (Max) AOE freeze on enemy
    Fire Blast (Max) AOE,DOT burn enemy

    NOTE: the following skills are all good but please look at your SP, try to manage them properly. If possible just learn 1 of them ?

    Burning Fire (Max) DOT burn enemy
    Envenom (Max) DOT poison enemy
    Chill Breeze (Max) Freeze enemy

    Inquirer (Human Only)

    Why Inquirer
    -Inquirer have 1v1 Skill that good in PVE and PVP since we lack PVP skills in sorcerer and it also gives the skills and buff we didn’t get from monk.
    -Have Good Buff
    -You can learn Robe Expertise here
    -We already have 2 AOE so we don’t want to go warlock cause were just overlap the skills, but warlock have some good NEW AOE and magic active skills but they are on very long casting speed
    -Were lacking of heal but remember that were going cardinal on the next job so we can learn the skills we didn’t get from cleric to bishop

    I have skills of them but maybe I post them in OBT since I still want to figure out most of them


    Why Cardinal
    -Because we want to bridge the gap were lacking, HEALING skills
    -we can get different kinds of heal from cardinal that were lacking from our previous jobs
    -other job is good but we need to go Cardinal cause of what where lacking in our build

    -Now we have AOE for grinding , Good PVP skills, Buff and Heal


    -Cause I don’t like the other job skills, I think that saint skills are the best

    NOTE: im still going to polish and edit this while in CBT so when that it’s all fix in OBT

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    nice guide
    can you tell me what's Mage's blessing for?
    and about lvl 125 jobs, I don't see any description for Dark Archon skill.. do you know what it actually do?

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    well some of skills don't have description yet in CBT, but it every class they have its own Blessing skills that can boost their class, maybe it goes with old luna.

    Mage Blessing- mage are blessed by gods. casting speed is increased by 7.0% and movement speed is increased by 10% when current MP percentage is above 70.

    Its from other luna so i don't know if it works the same here.

    about the Dark Archon the skills maybe inflicts burn damage if it goes with other luna

    but the best way to find out is to wait for their OBT to see the skills description and how they work

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    well i forgot to put it in replay

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    staff user? or one handed wand user?

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    add guide wisdom have increase heal + crits
    int have increase heal

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    What about when you become inquirer? I am eager to know what to do when i get there

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    at lv 25 wizard, do i need to max fireball (to 10) ?

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