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Thread: How to get Alienware Flag + Steam sheep pet

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    Cool How to get Alienware Flag + Steam sheep pet

    Hello, today i will tell you how to get these 2 items.

    Alienware Flag

    1. Go to and register
    2. After register, login and go to
    3. Click on "Get key" button
    4. After that you will receive your key in your e-mail
    5. finally go here.
    6. make sure you are logged in the account you want the flag go to.
    7. Put the key and character name on those boxes, and re-enter the game.
    8. Voila! there you have your alienware Flag!

    Steam sheep pet

    1. Go to
    2. After register, login and go to
    3. Click on "Get your free key!"
    4. Now, if you don't play on steam, you will need to make a new account here
    5. Download their client, and download DoMo.
    6. After download go to library -> Add a game -> Activate a product on Steam
    7. Put the key they gave you there.
    8. link your suba account with steam.
    9. Login into domo and voila!

    Hope i helped you with this tutorial!
    (Sorry for my bad english )

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    and where can I link my subagames account to steam?

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    You should be given the option to link your accounts when you enter the game. I think. It's been a while since I've done so myself.

    Closing because old thread.

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