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Thread: Dual clienting on Luna Reborn

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    help pls when i use sandbox it says the game client has been modified pls restart the game to patch again. how to fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eunwol View Post
    Hi everyone,

    as you are allowed to use a second client to play on Luna Reborn I made a guide for people that don't know how to dual client yet.

    First of all download Sandboxie. Sandboxie is a program that lets you booth the client another time and it is free to use.

    Link for downloading Sandboxie:

    When you downloaded Sandboxie you need to follow these steps:

    Right click Sandbox DefaultBox > Run Sandboxed > Run any program

    A box will pop up and you need to locate your Luna Reborn client.

    Click browse and just go to the thing you click when you normally open your Luna Reborn client.

    Now you are good to go and Luna should pop up!

    Remember not to login to the same account, because it will make you crash!

    Last but not least, The Rules for using Dual Clienting:


    Players are allowed to access and control a maximum of two (2) clients and accounts on the same computer. Players are permitted to use their alternate account for:

    Fishing, Farming, and similar non-mainstream gameplay elements.
    Buy and Sell items using Market Stalls.
    Any acts that do not impede the gameplay of other players.

    Players are not permitted to use their alternate account for:

    Participate in PvP gameplay on both accounts at the same time.

    Aid each other in game progression of any means. Including but not limited to:
    Buffing and/or healing others.
    Dungeon Dating yourself.
    Participating in PvP against yourself.

    Participating in GM/Staff Hosted Events.

    Any acts that impede the gameplay of other players.

    Hope this guide was helpfull for some of you! If you still have questions feel free to ask them below!
    by farming do you mean killing mobs or the family farming system in luna ?

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    Hi i tried to dual client to make a storage character but everytime i login on the sand boxie one its always connection timed out. But the original client works fine :/ help please?

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