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Thread: Background Music

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    I think it's bannable 2 change even the music files

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    I was told that you aren't allowed to change the files or mess around with them D:
    It'd be nice to have the old BGM back but.... the old alker harbor bgm had too much bass
    other than that... every other old bgm... i miss them

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    Quote Originally Posted by TennoExcal View Post
    While yes I may want the old music back, they're far, far more beautiful (imo), you can just change the music in Sound>BGM folder too, the old music files are everywhere on youtube.
    Ya but would'nt that be plagiarism?

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    I would very much like the old music back too ^^ Big part of the nostalgy as i keep saying ^^

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    Doesn't matter to me, it's all the same garbage.

    I just mute the game sound and play my kind of music instead.

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    The music before - it inspires emotion and imagination.

    The music after - it is only there, and it does not inspire me.

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    I always turned off the game music and sound effects in old Luna and every private server I've played since the originals closing and I turned off this games music too. I didn't really like the old games music myself. I usually just go to YouTube and play music videos or play what music I have on my laptop or my phone or my MP3 Player lol. Even if staff said that people can't put other music in place of of the current music files how would they know or not know? Unless they were stern on keeping the new music that they added and applied something in a patch so people can't change it. This isn't exactly the same old Luna either so they'll probably just stick to the music that it already has.

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    The first thing i noticed was the bgm. I was like, this seems a bit off. It's been year but i know the music was not the same. I would love the music back. i sat around just to hear the bgm some days back then.

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