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Thread: Background Music

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    Default Background Music

    Hi there. My name is Clark. As you can see, I am new to this community, though I am active in both game and also in our fan group. In fact, yesterday, I opened up a topic, which caught the interest of the many, and that is the bringing back of the old background music.

    I feel like it would be more appropriate to bring the old ones back because it was something memorable to us, veteran luna players, as our memories are founded upon these tunes and the fact that they were more uplifting and catchier. However, as I asked the group yesterday, I realized that no one has brought up this suggestion yet, and thus, a fellow member recommended that I should bring this to the administrators, as well as to the forumers, for this may be a huge deal.

    Surprisingly, it is. I was pretty anxious at first for I may not receive enough support but other people feel the same thing. They encouraged me even more to post this here in forums so that it would be more public and formal.

    So now, I would like to extend the poll that I created yesterday in the group, especially for those who do not have facebook accounts. The main reason for this is to see how many more people think the same way about these old BGMs, because in a 24 hr clock, I have already received 48 answers, which of whom are 42 agreeing and 6 neutral. Also, I would love to hear your opinions about it regardless if supportive or not.

    Thank you.

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    Ohhh I would so love to have the old music back!!! I currently keep the game muted because of the new music when I used to have the old music on all the time. It was always pleasant. I'm hoping for the best! And thank you for bringing this up here on the forums!!! I think it's a great recommendation!

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    bring back the classic BGM

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    Yes, please bring back the classic music. I keep the music muted now because it's, in my opinion, not as good as the old version. I'd love to be able to play while listening.

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    The classic music is far more memorable and much more effective at getting people hooked on the game. Definitely a vote for bringing it back from me! Not a big fan of the new music, especially since it got associated with all the problems with Luna Plus.

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    I dunno about the old music everybody keeps talkin' about but the current one is the type that gets muted in 5 mins by everyone.
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    By mute, do you mean it as a bug or voluntarily?

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    While yes I may want the old music back, they're far, far more beautiful (imo), you can just change the music in Sound>BGM folder too, the old music files are everywhere on youtube.
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